January 28, 2018

Project 365 | Days 22 - 28

This year I'm attempting to complete 'Project 365' - I share these photos on my Twitter daily, and weekly I will be sharing a post with a number of photos combined as well as a few words giving them some context.

(22) Monday 22nd January 2018
We popped to the park for some fresh air & a run around in the morning.

(23) Tuesday 23rd January 2018
A blanket & a nice warm cuppa (plus an Oreo or two) after being out in the fierce wind and rain we're currently being battered with.

(24) Wednesday 24th January 2018
Another wet & windy one today - Nathan and I put up some flat pack furniture.

(25) Thursday 25th January 2018
Play-Doh fun!

(26) Friday 26th January 2018
Contrasting clouds.

(27) Saturday 27th January 2018
Alexander and I had hoped to go for a walk along the canal this morning (whilst Nathan was at work) however, of course it was raining - it has at least once every day this week. We stayed at home instead and watched Toy Story 3 followed by some painting.

(28) Sunday 28th January 2018
Purchased today - a new Harry Potter tee.


  1. ...sorry to hear of all your rain!

    1. If it weren't for the rain, we wouldn't have the lush green landscape that surrounds us Tom.. And that I greatly appreciate!

  2. Oh my goodness look at that cheeky face on the first photo! So cute!
    Sounds like you've had pretty similar weather to us...made for a bit of a boring p365 week for me, but yours turned out great still!

    Danielle xo

    1. Alexander sure does have a cheeky face - haha!

      Thanks, although I don't know if I'd quite agree on mine turning out great. Ha! I hope you have a lovely week ahead of you!

  3. Aww what a wee cute face. Love it. We have had such wintery weather. I hope you have a good week x


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