January 15, 2018

Day in the Life | Monday 8th January 2018

Each month I try to document at least one day from said month, with the aim of capturing some of the ordinary moments that could easily be forgotten otherwise. For January's edition I've taken note of last Monday - 8th January.

Awoken by my alarm, to which Nathan asks 'Is it quarter past six?', the time his alarm was supposed to go off. Uh oh. Nathan has just ten minutes to get ready and leave for work - not the best of starts to his Monday morning!

Nathan has now left for work - on time - and I've made myself a cup of tea and settled down to my laptop. Whilst working on some blog bits, including a review post being published on my book blog, I catch up on Celebrity Big Brother (a guilty pleasure show of mine).

Hearing Alexander stir, I head upstairs to get him up. The first thing he asks is for me to do his ponytail - Alexander has been growing his hair since the summer and was delighted the previous night when he learnt that he could tie the bottom half of it into a ponytail. We talk about it being Monday and how it's the first day back to nursery after the Christmas break; Alexander is very excited as he has missed going to nursery. This conversation leads to us doing his daily calendar. We finally head downstairs.

We sit down to breakfast. I opt for a simple tea & cornflakes, whilst Alexander has a double request of cereal and bread because he is super hungry. Over breakfast we talk about our plans for the day.

With breakfast now finished, we grab our books and sit on the sofa for some morning reading time. This is something we've implemented recently, and it's great for starting the morning in a calm and collected manner.

Get dressed and ready for the day.

I start to tackle some of the cleaning jobs on my to do list for the day, including giving our room a good clean as well as the living room. I do need to do Alexander's room too but he is content playing in there so I decide to do it later on when he isn't in there (Turns out I don't. I did it the following day whilst Alexander was at nursery). Typically I do have washing to do on a Monday morning, however our washing broke over the weekend and so that wasn't possible... I'm not looking forward to the washing piling up whilst waiting for it to be fixed!

Finished cleaning. Alexander and I set up to play Kerplunk - he loves this game; we played it three times.

A snack is had, and a cup of tea for me... Yep, already on my third of the day. After snack, Alexander goes back to playing in his room, and I have a bit of a sit down with my tea + read some more of my book.


Time to get Alexander changed for nursery.

I'm home from dropping Alexander off to nursery and spend the next hour or so getting on with various blog related tasks, including writing a post for a blog I'll be guest posting on sometime in the future. After wrapping up those task, I get in some more reading time - I try to at least make the time to read once a day but have made an extra effort today as the book I'm reading is really captivating me (It is a non fiction title - Silence: In the Age of Noise by Erling Kagge). Before leaving to pick Alexander up from nursery I do a few of the small jobs on my cleaning to do list, such as take the recycling out.

Pick Alexander up from nursery... He nearly left without his hat, scarf and gloves so I had to send him back in for those. We've already had one hat lost at nursery this winter. On the way home we talk about how his afternoon went - it sounds like the first day back to nursery went well.

We're home now, changed, and Alexander is sitting down to a little snack and a show. We are conscious of the amount of time Alexander spends with a screen, usually allowing an hour or so after nursery for any shows he may want to watch.

Dinner time. I went down the super simple 'bung it in the oven' route today - we had pizza.

The rest of the evening passes in the usual way of play followed by the bedtime routine of book, song and bed. Alexander had a bath the previous night, so he didn't have one today; he has sensitive skin and bathing daily affects this.

With Alexander now tucked up in bed, I run a bath for myself.

Finished in the bath and soon after I finish reading the book I had started at the beginning of the day.

8.20pm (ish)
Nathan arrives home from work and has his dinner. Discussing our days and other things, we spend the evening doing individual pursuits - I was looking into the writer who had written the book I mentioned above. Being fascinated by his life, mentality and the explorations he has completed, I dedicated my evening to learning more about Erling Kagge.

Tired, the both of us head up to bed.


  1. Replies
    1. Lots done, but a lovely & relaxed day all in all :-)

  2. What a lovely idea to document your days like this. It may seem like an ordinary day but you certainly pack a lot into it #MMBC

    1. Often times we all do, you just don't really realise it until you see it written down like this!

  3. How lovely to document your day :-) It's so easy to forget things, and to take things for granted, that having a reminder to look back on is special. I'm also interested to read the book you mention, I love hearing what other people are reading and enjoying x

    1. The days can often pass so quickly, especially with little ones, that it's nice to look back in this way.

      Silence is a really interesting, and thought provoking read - if you read it, I hope you enjoy!

  4. This is such a lovely day to document a day, what a brilliant idea. I think I might do something like this but with photography. Thank you for the inspiration!
    Jas x

    1. These types of posts are always nice to look back on... And some of my favourites to read from other bloggers, so I'll be on the look out for if you do share something similar!

  5. such a lovely and serene photo

  6. It is so tiring this parenting lark and to think you have to do it again tomorrow, sigh! X #mmbc


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