January 24, 2018

Currently | January

READING | a few good books so far this year... Books worth mentioning include - Silence: In The Age of Noise by Erling Kagge (non-fiction), Thin Air by Michelle Paver (a ghost story) and Still Alice (a re-read for me).

WATCHING | the Harry Potter films, again. I've started my annual winter re-watch, and despite having seen the films many times before, they're just as magical as always.

EATING | soup & plenty of it! Winter is definitely the season for it, and with the weather we've been having lately it proves to be a nice warming pick me up at lunch time. This year I'm keen to find a homemade soup recipe that I love - as truthfully, a lot of the time I do eat tinned or the chilled ones. My sister recently shared a soup recipe she tried earlier on in the month, and I'm keen to give that a try. 

AIMING | to drink less tea. If you know me well, then this would be a shock to you as I do love a cuppa! I feel like I've been drinking an excessive amount of tea these days (I blame it on wanting to keep warm is this old miner house of ours) and that it may actually be messing with my sleep due to caffeine levels... So fewer teas for me. 

ENJOYING | picking up the camera and documenting random snippets of day to day life thanks to project 365. I also feel like my weekly 'Word of the Week' posts are helping with this also, allowing me to reflect back on the week in a way I wouldn't otherwise.

PUTTING | together pieces for my spring capsule wardrobe. I already have quite a minimal wardrobe, but this year I'm really keen to give the concept of a capsule wardrobe a go - where all the pieces are cohesive and can be worn together in many ways, with a colour palette and minimal fuss when it comes to getting dressed of a morning. My capsule will begin in March and so I've been pulling suitable things that I already own and seeing if anything needs replacing / updating. 

PLANNING | & researching for our late spring holiday to Tenby (Wales) - which we just booked this week actually. The prep and planning for an upcoming trip is all part of the travel fun for me. I'm currently looking into sea boat tours available; they sound like a lot of fun and would be a great experience to incorporate into a traditional UK seaside holiday.

THINKING | about what exactly I'm going to be doing with myself once Alexander starts full time school in September. Obviously it's a bit of a while until then, but I'm very much a thinker.. Over thinker some would say. I did have an idea of the path I'd be going down, however after much discussion with Nathan, I've decided to put those plans aside and continue on a path that is better suited for myself as well as our family as a whole. I umm & ahh a lot about things, but I really feel like I'm set in stone now with decision, which makes me feel a lot more content & comfortable about what the future holds for us. 

LOOKING | ahead to the February half term... Although there is still a month left of school, I've been thinking about what we can get up to in the week off. Alexander has put in a request to see some castles this year, and with three locally we don't exactly have a shortage of them, so there will likely be a castle visit slotted in there somewhere. They've only been back to nursery a month, and I'm already very much looking forward to having Alexander home full time!



  1. I do like the idea of having a capsule wardrobe it would have made swapping rooms with the girls easier.#mmbc

    1. I find less things makes any kind of organisation & decorating a lot easier! Hope the room swap is going well.

  2. Looking forward to seeing your capsule wardrobe

    1. Ah, I likely won't be sharing it here Carol, but I'll be updating in these kinds of posts. Thank you!

  3. We love Harry Potter! I could also watch them over and over. I hope you have an amazing time at Tenby :)

    Thanks so much for sharing with #MMBC xx

    1. Returning to Harry Potter is such a comforting feel - all enveloped in the magic. Thank you!


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