December 12, 2017

Day In The Life | 11th December 2017

For the month of December I decided to document the second Monday within the month. I planned on this day as it was to be Alexander's first ever Christmas concert, which is a little bit special and he was super excited about it, however with the snow we've had it didn't quite go to plan...

6-something am
Half awake / half asleep, Nathan informs me that Alexander's school is indeed closed today as he checked whilst getting ready for work. We'd been talking about it the night before, as the website said it would be updated in the morning for a definitive decision. Although there was no snow to fall today, we had steady snow fall the day before and there were some ice warnings.

Nathan leaves for work as usual - as there are no updates on his bus service - and I'm up to make myself a cup of tea. Not long after getting up all the electric turned off in the house as well as outside, so a total blackout, which was kind of creepy!

Settled down with my tea I get to double checking Alexander's school website for an update on the concert as to rearrangement plans and also check on whether my brother's college is open. After all the updates I catch up on a little YouTube.

Alexander is now awake and so I get him up. I tell him about nursery being closed because of the snow & ice and he says that if all the children had skate shoes then they would still be able to go.

Downstairs now and we're making breakfast just as Nathan arrives home - we'd been texting throughout the morning and he made the decision to come home as although he ended up trying to take an alternative route to work he would still need to take his usual bus also for a little of the journey and it was not running but he had only found out whilst on the other bus. Given that he finishes work so late he didn't want to continue on when the services were still unknown as it could have proved problematic.

Breakfast is now finished - Alexander had porridge with a little peanut butter with grapes on the side and I had chocolate Weetabix with almond milk - and so I get myself dressed before sorting out Alexander's almost overflowing wash basket. Whilst I sort the washing out Alexander tidies his room and Nathan is working on putting a table together. With a load of washing in the washing machine I then briefly head out and take a couple of pictures of the snow.

Bath time for Alexander.

There have been updates regarding Nathan's bus service and it is now running a reduced service but covering where he needs to go, which is great, and so heads off to work for a second time. This journey proved to be successful, unlike the first.

All finished with Alexander's bath, I now make use of the next hour and power on through with a bunch of household chores... The large task was folding our washing from the day before. I feel like laundry is a never ending thing in our household; thankfully it's one of the household jobs I quite enjoy.

Alexander and I sit down to play a couple of games - a basketball one that he has and also Hungry Hungry Hippos.

Times flies when you're having fun and before we know it lunchtime rolls around.

After lunch we bundle up with blankets all cosy on the sofa and settle down with a film - Rise of the Guardians; one of my favourite animated films.

Film finished and the next few hours pass with a variety of different activities including reading, playing and also a little walk. We were waiting on a parcel but once that arrived we put on our winter woollies and braved the outdoors; we needed a couple of bits from the local shop and then took a longer route home just get a bit more fresh air. It was pretty chilly out with low temps, especially seen as I couldn't find my gloves, but the surfaces were pretty good and there was still some snow remaining which Alexander enjoyed crunching in.

Our evening routine begins. Dinner is cooked and then eaten, some dishes are done (with the help of Alexander), more laundry is folded and then we start to wind down for the evening. We read a few books, including a couple of Paddington titles which Alexander has been gravitating towards a lot lately, followed by getting ready for bed and then some songs before tucking him in for the night.

With Alexander now in bed I settle myself on the sofa for the next hour or so until Nathan comes home, with a warming cup of tea of course, and get to working on writing this post and also sorting the images.

Nathan has arrived home from work. After eating his dinner we wrap up the Christmas presents that we currently have on hand - this took a surprising amount of time given we literally had less than ten items to wrap.



  1. What a beautiful and interesting post, Jade! You have such elegant series of posts!
    I wish you a little bit of snow for Christmas, enough to make everything pretty, but not too much.
    Happy Christmas preparations! xx

    1. Ah, thank you Sara!

      Haha thank you - snow at Christmas would be lovely.

      A wonderful week to you :-)

  2. ...a busy life is a good life.

    1. Busy indeed... Very lucky to be able to stay at home with my son and be kept busy in that way.


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