December 27, 2017

Currently | Festive Season

MAKING | memories on our fifth Christmas as a family.

EXPERIENCING | a number of firsts this Christmas including our first Christmas in our family home as well as our first Christmas as husband & wife.

SPENDING | time with loved ones. We aren't a religious family, and so we come together at this time of year and celebrate the magic of Santa + giving + making time for your nearest and dearest. We try to do this year round of course, but there is just something extra special when the family comes together at Christmas. Having said that, we do always make a point of spending Christmas Day as just the three of us, which I know some others find unusual.

BAKING | cookies for Santa on Christmas Eve - this is a long standing tradition of ours.

TRYING | out new things that we hope to make traditions; namely the fact that we ate our traditional Christmas meal on Christmas Eve this year as opposed to Christmas Day itself. We actually really enjoyed doing it this way, with party style food on the big day, and intend to keep it up.

EATING | my first meat free Christmas. I honestly didn't feel like I was missing out on anything at all, as has been the case since going meat free. 

TRACKING | Santa via Google maps. This was a lot of fun on Christmas Eve and we'd check back every so often and see where in the world the jolly guy was... He arrived here in the UK around 1am, when of course we were all tucked up in bed, and left a stocking full of goodies for Alexander.

RECEIVING | lots of lovely and thoughtful gifts from our family. 

PLAYING | with some of Alexander's new toys. Going with the 4 gift method for ourselves, and just one toy from others, this made it pretty manageable to give all of his new things a try over the past couple of days. A week or so prior to Christmas we also went through his toys & books together setting aside some to be donating, so finding new homes for the new toys was pretty easy too - thankfully!

COMPETING | in a rather competitive pub quiz card game when we went to my mum's on Boxing Day; it was a lot of fun though!

READING | A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens - I try to reread this every winter as I just love the message of the book. As a family we always read T'was the Night Before Christmas by Clement Clarke Moore on Christmas Eve.

WEARING | our PJs! Staying at home on Christmas Day means being able to stay in your comfies, which I'm all about!

FEELING | happy & content throughout the festive season. In previous years I've found this time of year to be quite stressful and overwhelming, but I feel like this was the year that has changed that with new ideas being implemented and a more laid back approach. Everything was a lot more manageable, both Nathan & I agreed on that one, and it felt how Christmas should feel - full of joy!

LOOKING AHEAD | to the new year and all the goodness that is to come. From our family to yours - a very happy new year!



  1. ...wishing you more Christmas fun together, Happy New Year.

  2. i can imagine the beauty of togetherness you felt this year
    having family and spending time together gives true meaning to life
    beauty of everything lies in SHARING!
    wishing you and your family a HAPPY new year!

    1. Lovely sentiments and I quite agree with your words. Many thanks! A happy new year to you & your kin.


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