November 22, 2017

Currently | November

CELEBRATING | Alexander's birthday - at the start of the month our little boy turned 4... Not so little anymore!

PLANNING | I know we aren't even at Christmas yet, but I have been planning for the coming new year what with prepping my bullet journal as well as untold ideas for both of my blogs to give them a little refresh.

APPRECIATING | All the many things Nathan does for our little family - not only is he working his usual 12 hour shifts at the moment, but also putting so much time and effort into the ongoing house projects of ours. He is pretty amazing, and I'm forever grateful for having him by my side.

ADMIRING | The landscape that surrounds us as the season winds down. I haven't been out and about photographing as much as I'd like to - those house projects are pretty time consuming - but I'm constantly in awe of the hills as I walk Alexander to & from nursery.

READING | Another reread - as was the case in my last post of this kind. I've returned to The Night Circus by Erin Morgenstern and am thoroughly enjoying how immersive of a read it is. I also read a new Agatha Christie novel this month - Murder on the Orient Express - and loved it!

ENDING | Each day with a book. I'm a big reader as is, but I've been actively trying to conclude my evenings with a physical book before bed as a way to help me unwind without a screen and allow that feeling of sleepiness to come easier.

WATCHING | Stranger Things 2 on Netflix.

ENJOYING | Our sofas, because yes, we finally have sofas! And a whole lot more of furniture in fact. It's lovely see our little house come together as our home.

BRAINSTORMING | Trip destinations for the coming year (I told you I'd been planning for it!). We're really keen to explore more of Wales, and so that's definitely going to be the theme for adventures in 2018.

FOCUSING ON | Simple living.



  1. It sounds there are many happy things going on there. :)
    Enjoy the comforts of today and planning for the future! xx

    1. Ah, thank you Sara! I hope November is treating you well!


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