October 11, 2017

Life Lately | 001

Change has been a main theme running through life at the moment, and that's exactly why I took some time away from blogging. Whilst I love blogging and documenting here, I was very much at a point in life where I just needed to focus on what was happening in real life; no distractions.

As I shared in August, we officially closed on a property and are now homeowners - we couldn't be happier! Having said that, prepping the house to live in has taken up a lot of our time and energy. We moved in here, and out of our rented accommodation, at the very end of September. We spent the month between closing and moving in just preparing the house with various jobs by building contractors being completed, as well some painting and decorating by us. Right now I wouldn't say we are fully settled here as there are still jobs (of a small & large scale) that need completing, but the house is very much habitable and we're happy & grateful to have our own space that we can call home.

During my time away from blogging I've been able to do a lot of thinking and assess certain things, including this space here. Blogging is very much something I see myself doing for the long haul, however at some point my focus shifted a little from my original intentions for Captured by Jade and so upon my return to the blogging world, I'll also be returning to my blogging roots. Whilst I've made some lovely connections through blogging and the interactions are one of my favourite elements, this is something I do very much for myself & my own record, and I want to keep that in my mind going forward.

As well as honing in thoughts on my blogging platform, I've also been making some bigger decisions for my life path, which have left me feeling a lot more content and secure in the future for myself. I will be entering education once again - after over ten years of being out of it - when Alexander starts full time school next September. I am a stay at home mum currently, however I do intend to return to the work force in the future, but I will be training for a new career. I'm nervous, but very excited to be going down this path.

Speaking of Alexander, during my time away from blogging he has returned to nursery still attending his afternoon session on a daily basis. He is very happy to have returned to nursery, and there is a lot more responsibility this year round with homework each week and more detailed learning. Alexander is 4 in November, and so this new approach is preparing them for full time school come next September. Alexander loves learning, and routine, so is thriving well with the return to nursery. Also he is very happy that the new house means a much shorter walk to nursery than before!

I'm happy to be back capturing moments & memories of our little family, and also keen to get back out and about with my camera. As the seasons have shifted from summer to autumn, the landscape here has really been putting on a show for us, however I've barely been out capturing my favourite season through the lens. I'm sure there will be many autumnal photos to come.

Warm wishes to you all!


  1. ...first things need to come first.

  2. I've been feeling exactly the same as you Jade. I think this year has been the year where I've felt a real shift in myself, what I want out of life, and what I want to work towards. It's definitely been a year of change for me, so I can definitely relate to what you're writing here. I'm so glad to hear you closed on a property and you're now a homeowner too, I hope the move went OK and you're settling in now. Thank you as well for all of the lovely, kind comments you left me on my posts while I was away too, they really made me smile. <3 - Tasha

    1. I would definitely say we're on the same page with the feeling of shift this year. Wishing you nothing but positives with those changes of yours!


  3. It's nice to get away from social media every now & then and focus solely on life! Congratulations on your new home & your new path in education! Sounds like such an exciting time! Looking forward to hearing all about it. Gosh, Alexander is getting homework already! Great that he loves learning so much though, Pip is exactly the same! Polly x


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