October 26, 2017

Day In The Life | 24th October 2017

I try to document a day in our lives each month, and although I have missed a couple here and there, today I'm sharing for the month of October. I've captured Tuesday 24th October - Nathan had a half day at work, Alexander had his usual afternoon in nursery, and house projects were being worked on.

My alarm goes off.

I finally pull myself out of bed and make my way downstairs for my morning cup of tea - Nathan is already downstairs prepping to go to work and so he'd put the kettle on for me ready.

Having seen Nathan off to work, I head back upstairs. Typically, I wouldn't get back in bed after getting out of it, however at the moment we still don't have a sofa after moving, and so my bed is the only place to be comfy. I don't wake up early every day, but I try to most mornings as I find taking that hour to myself of a morning really helps to get my day off on good footing. Today I drank my tea whilst watching a vlog on YouTube. I enjoy watching as it gets lighter outside also.

Alexander is awake now. We have out morning chats (how are you, did you sleep well, I missed you whilst you were sleeping) before heading downstairs for breakfast.

Breakfast ready - multigrain hoops (cheap cheerios) and grapes.

With breakfast now done and dusted with, we get ourselves dressed and ready for the day. I also sort Alexander's washing which is due to be done today, and prepare the bathroom for the plumber who'll arrive later in the day. We're having our shower redone and I cover all our bits and bobs up with a plastic sheet to keep them clean.

We've braved the wind and the rain to arrive at Alexander's school for a parent-teacher consultation. He is getting on well - they absolutely adore him in nursery.

Just about back home and the plumber arrives.

Alexander and I bunker down in his room to spend the rest of the morning playing and such. Whilst Alexander is enthralled in playing with his Hexbugs, I take thirty minutes to finish the book I'd been reading on my Kindle (a book I'm reviewing in my role as a book blogger).

Lunch time, which is soon followed by the changing into school uniform battle.

I'm back from dropping Alexander off to nursery - the new house means we're a lot closer to nursery now! I get straight to starting on my own house project of preparing the walls for painting... This has been an exhausting task but we're nearly there with completing it.

Having finished my task, I sit myself down for thirty minutes or so before heading off to pick Alexander up. By this time Nathan is home from work and there is another workmen in the house - an electrician who is fitting the in build oven & hobs. Between this, the plumber and Nathan cutting wood, there is SO MUCH NOISE in the house and I'm happy to escape for a brief period!

Home from the school run. The three of us - Nathan, Alexander and I - sit down for a snack and get to talking about the day we've all had.

Earlier than usual, I'm hungry and so we sit down to some food. What with the oven being worked on, dinner is just odds & ends - but I'm so happy we'll have a working oven soon! The plumber left at about this time too.

Somehow two hours passed and I'm honestly not sure what happened... Although I do know I had a little nap. Oops. Alexander has asked to get ready for bed - I think these darker evenings are confusing him on time a little as he keeps asking to go to bed earlier than usual - and so we go through the bedtime routine. For his bedtime story we read the school library book that he had brought home earlier on.

With Alexander tucked up in bed and the electrician now gone, I attempt to clean the kitchen - neither Nathan nor I know how so much mess was caused by the job! I didn't manage to get it all done but I made sure it was clean enough to have breakfast in the morning.

Having joined Nathan upstairs a while ago (again, no sofa) I finally muster the motivation to get working on my book blogging tasks I'd given myself for the day; mostly to write the review for the book I'd finished. Of course though, when I turn my computer on, updates are needed!

Thankfully the updates didn't take too long and I get to working on my review post. An hour later, I have an issue when it came to creating the graphic for the post. I'm fairly new to using Adobe Photoshop for images and always ask Nathan when help is needed, but by time this issue has risen he is already asleep (he wanted an early night with a full twelve hour day ahead of him tomorrow). After much faffing I resign myself to the fact that the post just won't get published today - thankfully there wasn't a deadline on that specific review post.

I decide to call it a night myself, but not before completing my notes for this post as well as writing down my one positive snippet from the day.


  1. I always enjoy reading through these as they're so relaxing for some reason. I hope you managed to get the walls sorted now too. I had to re-paint my floor a while back as it's wood and it's always such a mammoth task with moving all of the furniture out and everything, so I can relate! I really like the idea of writing down one positive from the day too, must try to do that myself, always good to end the day on a high! - Tasha

    1. I highly recommend ending your day with one positive - I've found it to have so many benefits.

  2. ...I hope that you continue to have wonderful days with your family.


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