October 18, 2017

Currently | October

CHOOSING | To spend more time offline and away from a screen.

FINDING | The balance with blogging, given the words I've just mentioned above and also my headspace on documenting here. I do also have my other blog which is dedicated to books & reading that I'm focusing a lot on right now, because of future plans. Captured by Jade is very much an 'as and when' right now, that way I know the things I'm capturing and sharing are really truly things I want to because I'm carving the time out for them. If that makes sense.

DECLUTTERING | Social media. Again, all pertaining to the above words. I've been on a more minimal journey for the past year now and one space I had yet to declutter was all that I surround myself with online. I've done that just this week, and feel a lot lighter for it.

WATCHING | The vlogs of Knorpp and South - the family of 11 has packed up in a minivan and are travelling around Europe, having done so around the US previously, and are currently in Ireland.

Speaking of YouTube, I've really been enjoying the vlogtober videos of Hilary from my so-called home. I've watched her videos for years now, and I always look forward to her daily uploads in October. Hilary is mother and shares snippets of day to day life; she is one of the most genuine and authentic people I watch on YouTube and am always inspired by her content.

READING | Old favourites. This time of year I love to reread books I know & love. I finished The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes at the end of last week, and this week I'm reading The Woman in Black.

EATING | Sweet potato slow cooker chilli. Once we're properly settled in here I do hope to try some new vegetarian recipes. I became a vegetarian three months ago now, and whilst I couldn't be happier with my decision, I do tend to rotate my favourite meals. The sweet potato chilli was a new one to me, and I really enjoyed it.

THINKING | About so much life admin, especially with the house move. There have been many phone calls to various companies as well as getting in Alexander's application for a place in reception next year. I really hope he is able to remain at the primary school in which he attends nursery, especially now that we actually live in the catchment area. Time will tell.

PLANNING | Gifts. Alexander's birthday is fast approach, and honestly Christmas isn't that far behind it! This year we're doing things differently with gifts for Alexander as in previous years it has been all too much... Too much toys that is. And mainly from others! Of course it is lovely that friends and family want to gift Alexander things, and although we are grateful, we do also feel bad further down the line when things just get donated because one child does not need all that stuff. So this year we've stated only one toy when giving a present.

Nathan and I are also adopting a new present philosophy and taking on the four gifts idea - something they want, need, can wear and can read. I love this idea, and now Alexander is that bit older I think it's the perfect time to start putting this into practice for Christmas. We've been planning for that also.

TRYING | New tea... Chocolate and orange. Whilst the smell was divine, the tea not so much.

MARVELLING | At Alexander's imagination of late - the things & scenes he comes up with!

LOOKING | Out of my kitchen window. In this new house we have the most amazing view of the valley we live in, and a sight like that is definitely a motivator when it comes to doing the dishes and other kitchen tasks!

FOCUSING ON | Happiness & the things that bring me joy.


  1. ...alway keep Alexander's imagination going!

  2. Lovely to read your little updates! Oooh well done on becoming a vegetarian! I eat fish but not meat so eat a lot of veggie food. Have you tried Aubergine Parmigiana? It's one of my favourite vegetarian dishes (recipe on my blog). Know what you mean about the toys, so many here too! Your kitchen window view sounds idyllic. Polly x

    1. I'll have to check the recipe out... In all honesty, I've never even eaten aubergine but becoming a vegetarian has definitely helped me to widen my food choices.

      Oh, the kitchen window view is just lovely, Polly!


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