August 10, 2017

Snippets | 003 (Our Wedding Day)

On the 7th of August, after six years as a couple and almost four as parents, I married the love of my life.

Nathan and I are not big day people, we don't do fuss, and we aren't keen on big gatherings, for those reasons we opted to keep our wedding day very simple and married at our local registry office surrounded by a small collection of our family.

We didn't have the most traditional of weddings, and despite the simplicity of our day, there was much stress in the run up to it - mainly with others not getting on board with what we wanted and trying to add what they thought we should do, which was frustrating, however we remained strong with our plans as a couple, and on what was important to us.

- Walking down the aisle with my dad
- The ever constant support from Nathan as I was a blubbering mess (but we'll get on to that in a minute)
- How well behaved Alexander was throughout
- Our registrar was amazing! Both Nathan and I agreed how comfortable and at ease she made us feel, and how she played a large part in the day for us (beyond the fact of joining us as a couple)
- When asking who gives me away, instead of responding with his name, my dad simply replied 'Me!' - definitely one of those you had to be there moments, but also so my dad!
- Putting on our wedding rings
- Having both sets of our parents as witnesses
- The delicious cake my Nan made for us - it was raved about by many
- Concluding our day with pizza and ice cream
- As someone with anxiety + social anxiety the idea of being a bride was one of my worst nightmares. It was a lot. A lot. Walking into the room with my dad, everything hit me as people were gathered and cameras were out and the full extent of the situation set in. Many thought I was crying due to being emotional about the act of getting married, however that wasn't the case, I was a blubbering mess because of my anxiety. But I faced it, and I survived. I was both physically and emotionally drained the next day, but proud of myself for having managed it
- After the wedding had concluded, taking two minutes to be and play with Alexander running up and down a hill. Such a simple act, but one that really helped to calm me... Taking of 'the bride' hat, and just being in my bubble as 'mummy'
- The thoughtfulness and generosity of our loved ones astounded me, being so luckily gifted with what we were, however most importantly being gifted with their time & presence on our special day

'You are my greatest adventure' 
- Up (Disney Pixar film)



  1. Congratulations! May your married life be full of love, joy and laughter. ♥
    The photo is so beautiful!

  2. ...Congratulations, 49 years ago this August 3rd I married the love of my life.

    1. 49 years - that's amazing, Tom! Happy (belated) anniversary!

  3. Wishing you and Nathan a blessed and joyful rest of your lives.
    Sidenote on Dads - When returning from Niagara Falls many years ago, when asked at the border where we were going my Dad replied politely 'home'.

  4. Hello again! Thank you for your lovely comment. :)
    Have a happy new week!

  5. Congratulations!

    If I may... to maintain some level of sanity/happiness; please remember to nurture 'us' the couple, 'you' and 'me' as individuals.

    1. Thank you for your words of wisdom, Daniel - very much taken on board :-)

  6. The biggest congratulations to you lovely, hope you had a wonderful day! Finishing it with pizza and ice cream sounds like a good start. All the best for you both! - Tasha

  7. It sounds like a wonderful day and one you will treasure forever. Congratulations! xx


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