July 26, 2017

Walk With Me | July

On Monday morning Alexander and I decided to start our day by enjoying a walk by the river, in search of some ducks (Alexander's request), followed by a trip to the library. By the river is one of our favourite places to wander, and surprisingly we hadn't been to this spot in a good couple of weeks.

Unfortunately there were no ducks to be seen, however I did capture the beautiful nature sights shown below.

Alexander wasn't left disappointed on the duck search front; we made a second attempt yesterday by heading on a walk down by the canal. Not only did we spy ducks, but we also saw fish, bees, butterflies and even a heron.

Enjoy your outdoor adventures and the beauty of nature!

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  1. Awww, I'm so glad you got to see some ducks on the second walk out. I love going out to see the ducks and when I can, feed them too. My friend and I once went to our local pet shop, bought some duck feed and went and fed them on a hot Summer's day once and it was lots of fun. These shots are beautiful too, what gorgeous photos. A lovely walk! - Tasha

    1. Ah that sounds lovely - the simple activities often bring us the most joy :-)

  2. ...nature, the best classroom.


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