July 17, 2017

Day In The Life | 13th July 2017

I try to document a day in our lives each month, however I didn't manage to do that in June. Typically I have an idea of what day I would like to record, but things went a little awry last month with nothing being documented at all. Today I'm sharing with you my DITL for the month of July.

The day began with me turning my alarm off at 6am and deciding to stay in bed a little longer - I didn't feel particularly rested from the night.

Whilst half asleep I hear Nathan pottering about in the room and ask him what he is looking for... I try to recall where I last saw his work lanyard; it is soon found and Nathan heads off to catch the bus to work.

I get myself up and decide to start my day in a relaxing manner by making myself a cup of tea and catching up on YouTube in bed. I've always been someone who tries to wake up earlier than they need to in order to have me time of a morning - I've done that ever since I can remember; that time to myself helps me to ease myself awake and start my day on the right footing.

Alexander wakes up and we get ourselves sorted. Alexander was really excited to tell me about seeing the recycling trucks from his bedroom window... And this is when I remember it's Thursday, and I didn't put the rubbish out!

We head downstairs and have some breakfast. After breakfast Alexander listens to some nursery rhymes for a bit and I get on with doing the drying up that was left to drain the night before.

Heading back upstairs, we brush our teeth and wash faces. I pick up around the bedrooms and fold Alexander's washing that was done the day before - it finished whilst he was in bed and I like to fold the clothes in the respective room and put them away as I go. Whilst I tackled the clothes mountain Alexander 'assisted' for a little bit, then made himself a tunnel and also picked out some games for us to play once I'd finished the washing.

Time to get Alexander changed - this is a daily battle.

We're back downstairs and make a start on playing the games that had been chosen.

Not long has passed and I leave Alexander to his own playing devices. Alexander was in an argumentative mood and just not interested in playing together, despite him picking the games. Often times when he is like this I find it best to leave him to it, and he happily played with his cars instead.

It's so important to sit down and play with your children within the day, but sadly, sometimes they just don't want to play with you.

A very early lunch for Alexander and snack for me. On a usual day Alexander would eat lunch at about quarter past 11 but we had a couple of places we wanted to go before the nursery run so were leaving a little earlier.

Laden down with bags, we head off out with the first stop being the library to return some books.

Having finished at the library we made it to my mum's, which is on route to nursery. We stopped off there so Alexander could spend some time with his cousin, who was off of school because they were on a school trip that day but he actually wasn't old enough to go to the destination.

We leave my mum's and continue on to nursery.

Nursery begins and Alexander happily enters, as always. I start to make the journey home.

I'm now home and in need of feeding. After fuelling myself, I procrastinate for far too long before spending 40 minutes on my blog to do list.

Back off out to pick Alexander up. Whilst getting ready I remembered that I hadn't bought bread on the way home earlier, as I had wanted to, so popped to the shop to get it before leaving for the nursery pick up.

Reunited with Alexander - yay! On our journey home we enjoy our usual after nursery chatter, which I always enjoy, and Alexander ran on some of the hills nearby which he said made him happy. We saw a caterpillar on the way home too, which Alexander was interested in until it started wriggling quickly towards him.

We arrive home and get ourselves sorted - for me this also involves getting changed into my comfies. I read Alexander's school report, as we were given them today. Alexander is getting on really well at nursery; it was a lovely report.

Sit down to dinner.

Plenty of playtime is had... We played with vehicles, got the tent out and also put together some dinosaur puzzles.

Bath, book and bed routine for Alexander.

With Alexander now tucked up in bed, I settle myself down. My evening featured tea, blogging and books; a few of my favourite things.

Nathan arrives home... He eats some food and we have conversations about our days and the such like; winding down the day as a whole.


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