July 12, 2017

50 Summer Activities for Children

With summer here and the school holidays upon us, I thought I'd share a list of activities that can be enjoyed during the summer months. Whilst it's lovely being able to spend time with our children once school is out, I know those days and weeks can pass quite slowly if not occupied, so I hope this list provides you with some inspiration on those days when you just don't know what to do.

The list below was made with younger kids in mind, think under 10's, however these can be applicable for those of all ages as well as some activities that can be enjoyed as a family. A number of the activities featured can be enjoyed year round, but are also great for keeping children entertained during the school holidays.

1. Eat fish and chips at the seaside (one of the most quintessential British summer activities)
2. Explore a castle
3. Have a picnic
4. Fly a kite
5. Blow bubbles (Katy of What Katy Said previously shared the Perfect Bubble Mix for Summer)
6. Experience camping
7. Scavenger hunt (in spring I shared 10 Spring Scavenger Hunt Printables, with nearly all of them being applicable this season)
8. BBQ
9. Movie marathon
10. Make a bird feeder
11. Homemade ice cream (Nathan and I made no churn ice cream pre child, and it turned out lovely)
12. Go on a bike ride
13. Scrapbook as a family (I recently shared a post on 3 Reasons to Scrapbook as a Family)
14. Visit family (whether near or far, make the most of free time and visit loved ones, especially those you don't get to see often)
15. Animal spotting at the zoo
16. Race homemade boats
17. Photo walk
18. Create a memory jar
19. Visit a museum
20. Homemade milkshake
21. Plan your next family adventure
22. Gardening
23. Make a fort
24. Family road trip
25. Visit your nearest botanical gardens
26. Digital detox as a family (we all spent a lot of time of screens these days, so why not step away as a family and have some screen free days)
27. Cloud watching
28. Nature walk
29. Paint plant pots
30. Jump in puddles (because this is a British summer after all)
31. Volunteer (Lucy of Lucy at Home previously shared The Ultimate List of Kids' Charity Work Opportunities)
32. Water fight
33. Start a nature journal
34. Fruit picking
35. Make a time capsule
36. Start learning a new language
37. Complete a colouring book
38. Join your local library summer reading program (I did this last year with Alexander aged 2 years old, and we enjoyed it greatly)
39. Climb a tree
40. Bird watching
41. Dry flowers
42. Read-a-thon
43. Write letters (with electronics these days, people rarely write letters anymore, so why not encourage your child to write to family or a friend)
44. Geocaching
45. Watch the sunrise or sunset
46. Go swimming
47. Do a science experiment
48. Host a craft party
49. Go to a local farm
50. Make a flower crown

However you're spending the summer holidays, I hope it proves to be a lovely one!

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  1. ...you sure have a lot to accomplish this summer!

    1. Far too much for the one summer - looking forward to taking inspiration though :-)

  2. Oh, Jade, the list is wonderful. I too, an adult, would love to do these things... and some I do regularly, like gardening, cloud watching and nature walks. :)
    Thank you - and enjoy the summer! ♥

    1. Lovely activities that you regularly enjoy! And you, Sara!


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