June 21, 2017

Walk With Me | June

June has been a lovely month for nature, the weather, and just general outdoorsy things. Here in the UK we're currently experiencing a heatwave, with the highs where we live reaching 27 degrees (that's celcius by the way). Personally I love the warmth of the sun on my skin (slathered in suncream, of course), however I know many haven't taken to these temperatures well... My 3 year old being one of them at times. Understandably so. Whilst it is nice to see the arrival of summer, I'm sure many would welcome a little dip in the temperature.

The photos I'm sharing today were taken whilst out walking on Sunday 18th June - so on the weekend just gone. The day was Father's Day, and Nathan settled on us going for a walk as an activity to do. Due to the temperatures, we didn't go too far, however we did discover a new nearby nature pocket. We were drawn in by the sound of flowing water, which Alexander rightly guessed to be a waterfall, and found a little meadow of sorts with a river and woodlands surrounding it. There were a lot of damselflies out by the water, unfortunately I wasn't able to capture those on camera, however I do have a number of photos from the outing.

Enjoy your outdoor adventures and the beauty of nature!

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  1. ...mighty nice, let's do it again.

  2. Stunning photos as always here Jade and what a lovely way to spend Father's Day too with a stroll out in the sunshine. Gorgeous shots! - Tasha


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