June 12, 2017

Day In The Life | 3rd May 2017

Each month I try to document a random day within the month, with me opting to write up a Wednesday in May. This particular day is what most week days look like in our household.

6ish am
I vaguely hear Nathan getting up for work, soon followed by Alexander's voice - he came out of his bedroom needing to go to the toilet - and so Nathan takes him. This is the only interaction the two of them will have today, as sadly on working days Nathan doesn't see Alexander at all.

My alarm goes off - Alexander is back in bed and Nathan is now downstairs.

I'm up, super tired after a night of interrupted sleep with a dry cough, but I am up. Nathan has made me a cup of tea.

I say bye to Nathan as he is off to catch the bus to work.

I've finished my tea and am now on my laptop working on blogging bits. I make the most of the time whilst Alexander is in bed as this is the main time when I work blog and social media stuff.

This is the time I go to get Alexander up. He is at the stage now where he gets up as and when he is finished sleeping, so this may be before 8 some days, however today he was coming out of his bedroom at the same time I was coming upstairs - we met on the landing.

With us both now dressed, we head downstairs for breakfast. Whilst I put together breakfast, Alexander occupies himself with building blocks by building a rocket ready for blast off. Whilst I was making his porridge, Alexander remarks that he likes the smell of strawberries.

Breakfast ready. It took a bit longer to make than usual, as I hadn't actually put the hob on to boil Alexander's porridge and only realised after about five minutes or so... I must have been more tired than I thought!

Finished with breakfast, Alexander plays with his building blocks for a bit longer whilst I do the drying up left on the draining board from the night before.

We're upstairs and getting ourselves completely ready for the day - teeth brushed and such. I also do a quick tidy up of the rooms upstairs, making beds etc. Alexander turned an empty shoe box into a pirate ship... I love listening to him playing and the imagination that he has.

Back downstairs and we do our calendar for the day and read our library books one last time as I hope to return them later in the day.

All six books read, and Alexander wants us to sing some songs... Of course I oblige.

The following time until lunch is occupied with various playing activities.

Alexander has lunch. Sadly we don't eat lunch together anymore now that Alexander has nursery to go to in the afternoon.

With lunch finished a little bit ago, it's now time to get Alexander ready for nursery. Changed out of his home clothes and in to his nursery uniform as well as getting his backpack ready and such. This turned out to be a stress inducing situation as Alexander treated me to some 'threeager' behaviour.

We leave for our nursery journey which involves a fair bit of walking, but a journey that is enjoyed by the both of us. It takes us a little under 40 minutes there and once Alexander has been welcomed into nursery with the other girls and boys, it takes me a little under 30 minutes to walk back home.

After stopping off at the corner shop on the way back, I'm now home.

With my lunch on a plate, I sit down and relax whilst catching up on some YouTube.

After getting my belly full, I start planning an upcoming post including doing some research. I also head on to my laptop and starting writing it up.

The time crept up on me and I have to abandon my post writing in order to leave for the nursery pick up. I usually leave a little later, however I wanted to stop off at the library on route as I had books to return - Alexander's, my own, and even one of Nathan's. It turns out one of my books was overdue and I had to pay a fine of £1.43. Oops! The library is on route to nursery and so I carry on with the journey to nursery.

I have my boy back and we make the journey home - Alexander has a snack, we talk about the time spent at nursery, butterflies and also vehicle spot.


Once we've sorted ourselves out, back in home clothes and such, I sit down to look at Alexander's school pictures. They had them done before breaking up for Easter and I got a letter telling me they are now available when I picked him up. I remember when I was younger that a pack was sent home with a sample of your portrait and you had to bring the form back into school, nowadays it seems to be all online with passwords to access the site and all sorts! Alexander's first school photo turned out lovely, and of course I'm biased being his mummy, but I think he looks very handsome. The pictures of Alexander's classmates were on the same page and he enjoyed looking at those and explaining to me how the photographer asked them all to pose.

I get started on making dinner.

Dinner is served.

This is the time of day where Alexander just plays and I dilly dally doing things around the house - the evening cleaning - whilst stopping intermittently to interact with Alexander.

We begin bedtime routine. After getting into PJs and having teeth brushed, we read three books together before tucking Alexander in for the night.

Surprisingly, Alexander didn't start with bedtime, as we have been having some dramas of late with that, and he didn't come out of his room after I put him in his bed and sang him a song of his choosing. I ran myself a bath and had a relax with a book in hand.

After my bath, I made myself a little cosy corner nook in the bed and continued with my relaxation - tea in hand and YouTube to watch. My nights don't usually include so much rest, however because I haven't been well for a few days I have been trying to rest a little more than usual. It felt very much needed!

A little later than usual (bus was late), Nathan arrives home after his 12 hour shift at work. I call it a night, as I had only been waiting up to see him home.

Bridie By The Sea


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  1. Hi Jade, Nathan does have a long working day which must be hard on both of you. The walk to nursery and back twice a day must keep you fit although I bet it's not so nice in the winter. Hope you feel back to your normal self soon, rest is the best way to fully recover from illness.


    1. It is a long old working day for Nathan, but we make the most of it - especially as the long days overall work out to more family time on the days off. The walk to nursery is a lovely one, a little chilly in winter haha - we tend to get the bus when the weather isn't too good though. Thank you, Debbie, and thank you for your comment. :-)

  2. That is a long day! I hope you feel better after getting some rest! #FamilyFunLinky

  3. Sounds like a full, busy day but I love the sound of your little 'nook' come the evening, with a nice warm drink and some YouTube to catch up on, it sounds ideal! I lose whole hours on YouTube! - Tasha

  4. Wow what a long busy day, that said I imagine ours is something similar, it feels like you never get a minute to sit down. Sounds like a long day for Nathan too! Bet you're glad to get into bed at the end of the day! Thanks for joining us at #familyfun

    1. You don't realise how much goes into your day until you sit down and write it all down!

  5. That is quite a day... it actually sounds exquisite! Feel better! And keep this up, it's quite a nice reminder of days gone by. #DreamTeam xoxo

    1. I think it'll be lovely to look back on these days, especially when older and in a different season of life. Thanks for stopping by!


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