May 15, 2017

Day In The Life | 8th April 2017

For the month of April I decided to document a Saturday for my 'Day in the Life' post - Saturday 8th April, to be exact. Nathan wasn't at work, and so we had the three of us at home, making the most of that with some family time.

Nathan and I both woke at roughly the same time, and we spent some time talking about the dreams we'd had during the night. Alexander woke up during this time, and then our conversation turned to deciphering what he was chatting away about in his room.

We're all up and dressed now, with Alexander and I heading downstairs whilst Nathan sorted the laundry into piles so a load of washing could be put on before we headed out. A breakfast out was planned for the day, with us wanting to visit a newish café in our village, so I had a cup of tea to tide me over and Alexander a cup of milk. Once the washing was on, tea consumed, backpacks ready and skin slathered in sunscreen, we headed on out at 9.00.

We arrived at our destination after a pleasant, but brisk, walk. I was surprised to see we were the only patrons in the café, but Nathan thought it was because people like to have their breakfast a bit later on weekends or head on out for lunch as opposed to breakfast; preferring a lie in. We each ordered our respective meals and soon tucked in. Overall thoughts on the café: we wouldn't return again in a rush as we both agree there are better local café's.

Leaving the café, we headed to the bus stop which is practically across the road. We didn't have to wait too long for the bus either.

After a short bus journey, we started walking the rest of the way to a new nature spot we were hoping to explore. On route we spotted a river and decided to have a wander that way - such a good decision. The area was just lovely and following the route around, it actually took us to our intended destination anyway. We all really enjoyed our little local adventure, and agreed we'd be sure to return again in the future. There were lovely river scenes, woodlands all around us and also multiple waterfalls to be found; it was beautiful and we barely scratched the surface of what is there.

Although we could've stayed longer at the nature spot, we headed on back after an hour or so of being there as it was a good amount of walking for Alexander and with the sun shining we thought he was getting a bit tired. We reached the bus stop and after waiting just a couple of minutes we were back on the bus home.

Reached home. After putting things away and getting ourselves sorted, I decided to sort my pictures from the morning whilst Nathan and Alexander got on with something in the garden. I also shared a few tweets from our outing - 1 | 2 | 3.

I joined Nathan and Alexander in the garden, with both Alexander and I having a little fruit snack.

Whilst still out in the garden, some of my family (my mum, her partner, my brother and my nephew) arrived for our almost weekly weekend visit. A lot of chatter took place as well as playing and fun with Alexander and my nephew. The sun was just beautiful, and we've really been enjoying soaking up the spring sunshine - here in the UK you just never know how long it is going to last!

With my family having now left, I got started on cooking some dinner. Having had the big breakfast in the morning, we agreed on a late lunch / early dinner - what we like to call linner. Whilst I was cooking that I also got on with some tidying in the kitchen, including drying dishes.

Dinner is served - we had wraps.

After dinner was finished, Alexander decided he wanted to help Nathan with the hoovering. He has a toy hoover which he thinks actually works and so was insisting he do the cleaning with that, but we ultimately talked him round to help Nathan with the actual hoover as we'd have been there a while otherwise! Alexander and I did some colouring in after the cleaning had been completed.

I found myself with a pounding headache, quite suddenly actually, and so decided to take some painkillers and have a cup of tea - I took this back out into the garden and sat in the shade. All three of us watched as the sun set behind the hills that surround our village.

With the sun having set, it started to feel a bit chilly outside and we all came back indoors getting on with individual pursuits for the next thirty minutes.

Time to head upstairs and get going with Alexander's bedtime routine. With a day out and about in nature and playing in the garden, a bath was very much needed. Once bathed with teeth brushed and pjs on, we all piled into mine and Nathan's bed where we read Alexander's bedtime books with him every night. The books of choice tonight: Mickey Mouse Clubhouse + Monsters Inc. + Cinderella (all from this collection).

Alexander is tucked up in bed, Nathan sorting a bath for himself, and I head downstairs to get on with some bits. I decided to spend some time working on editing blog pictures that require text overlays and such, with this task taking me longer than expected because one particular picture was causing me a bit of bother. I also then ended up organising photo folders on my laptop so there is a better system in place.

Having enjoyed his bath, Nathan was now downstairs and watching one of the gaming videos he likes. It was now my turn for a bath and I enjoyed a good old relax with book in hand.

I contemplated heading to bed after my bath, but decided on typing up this record of the day instead - I started it at 9.00pm and here I am now concluding at 9.49 (to be exact). After what feels like a long day, I'm now off to bed!

(This post is up much later than the day itself as I took a couple of weeks off of blogging during Alexander's school holidays)

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  1. Aww sounds like a lovely day. Well, apart from the headache.. the photos are brilliant. X #MarvMondays

    1. Thanks - I do love weekend days as we get plenty of family time in.

  2. Replies
    1. Busy with fun activities; my favourite kind of busy!

  3. This sounds a lovely day! Thanks for linking for #marvmondays x

    1. Thanks for hosting! And to the other lovely ladies also :-)

  4. Sounds like a lovely, busy day out and I love the photos you got while you were visiting the nature spot! That would have been my highlight! - Tasha

    1. It was probably my highlight also, Tasha!

    2. :D The photos just look lovely! Thank you as well for all of the lovely comments recently.

  5. That sounds like a busy day! Gosh....I'd be on my knees I reckon' lovely photos. #dreamteam

  6. I just wanted to come back across and say thank you for all of the lovely comment you always leave me, they always make me smile and are so heartening so thank you. Hope you're having a lovely weekend so far! - Tasha

    1. Ah, thank you Tasha! I hope the weekend is treating you well <3

  7. That sounds like such a beautiful nature walk and your pictures are stunning. So good that it's accessible by bus too! A perfect day by all accounts! Thanks for sharing with #DreamTeam x


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