April 29, 2017

Walk With Me | April

The pictures shared below were all taken on Monday 17th April. We've been exploring more locally within the month of April, and have discovered some beautiful new nature spots.

We live in a valley here in South Wales, and on this particular walk we took a path that takes you higher up into the hills that surround us. We had been here briefly before, but Alexander was in the buggy then and so it wasn't exactly accessible. Now that he is three and a keen adventurer himself, we have less limits as to where we can roam, and are able to enjoy the landscape around us a lot more.

Enjoy your outdoor adventures and the beauty of nature!

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  1. ...what a lovely walk, let's do it again.

  2. What a gorgeous walk - there really is something about the start of spring that makes me want to get outside and soak up all the flowers.

  3. So, the Paradise is situated in South Wales... Thank you very much, dear Jade, for sharing these wonderful photos with us! Wishing you all many sunny spring days and many cheerful walks! xx

    1. Haha! Well there certainly is no shortage of beautiful landscape and nature here in South Wales. Thank you so much - I hope the season switches for you very soon, Sara!


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