February 15, 2017

Travel Bucket List | Wales

We've lived in the south of Wales for over three years now, and have barely scratched the surface when it comes to exploring our surroundings and the country we are now fortunate enough to call home. There is so much to see and do here, with mountains, coastline, nature spots, castles and so much more. All the exploring we have done as a family has been here in the south, and quite immediately local, so I thought I'd put together a family travel bucket list with the focus being Wales.

We have been hearing about St Fagans since before even moving to Wales, when we'd take trips to see family, however we still have yet to visit the museum based in Cardiff. Given that we aren't from Wales, I think being able to walk around the open air museum and learn a bit more about the history of the country and how people lived would be a great educational tool, but also a fun experience. I've never heard of a museum quite like this, with original buildings that have been re-erected on the site that you can walk in and out of - more of a village/town than a traditional museum. I have no time limit on these places, however I do hope we're able to visit St Fagans this year.

We've been to Cardiff itself many times, but typically it is for food, shopping and a little wander in Bute Park if we're lucky... So not visiting any of the tourist attractions. We haven't even visited Cardiff Castle, but more on that in a minute. There are lots of things we'd like to do in and around Cardiff including, St Fagans (as mentioned above), the castle, explore Cardiff Bay, visit Techniquest, wander around Penarth, and so much more. We live relatively close to Cardiff, however I'm thinking maybe a little city staycation may be in order for us to truly immerse ourselves in all that Cardiff has to offer.

As well as an abundance of lush landscape, Wales also boasts an abundance of castles - in fact, there are more castles in Wales than any other country in Europe. Of the vast number of castles here, we have visited just the one. Yes, one - Caerphilly Castle. Something we're keen to do as a family is visit the castles dotted around the UK, and whilst we may not get to discover them all, a good number of those castles on our list are here in Wales. I may do a separate post on the castles we hope to visit another time.

Located in West Wales, Tenby is a seaside town in Pembrokeshire. I do love a seaside town, and so far here in Wales we have explored two in South Wales - Porthcawl + Barry Island, so it'll be nice to explore a little further afield than the south. Tenby is definitely one of the destinations on this list that we're likely to visit sooner rather than later, with our eyes on a couple of the family friendly holiday parks situated there on the Pembrokeshire coast.

Being the national book town of Wales, and us being a very bookish family, naturally Hay-on-Wye features on our Welsh travel bucket list. This town isn't too far from us, and easily accessible given that we don't drive, with lots to offer beyond the books - I think it'll be a gem of a place to visit.

Whilst we'd love to visit all 15 National Parks dotted around the UK, Snowdonia is high up on our travel bucket list. Best known for its mountains and beautiful landscape, Snowdonia has so much more to offer than just hikes. This is probably one of those destinations we won't visit for a while, until a certain little boy is a bit older, but a definite must for us exploring Wales.

Of the three National Parks in Wales, Brecon Beacons is the one located closest to where we live. With trails, caves, a canal system, waterfalls (what I'm keen to see), and charming little towns, there really is something for everyone. If I'm not mistaken, I believe Hay-on-Wye is within this region of Wales.

Last, but by no means least, is Anglesey - the island that seems to have it all. With a beautiful coastline, plenty of land to explore, an abundance of wildlife, and picturesque towns, I imagine Anglesey being the kind of place that once you arrive, you don't want to leave. Anglesey is also home to Llanfairpwllgwyngyllgogerychwyrndrobwllllantysiliogogogoch - the town with the longest name in Europe. I can't say a lot of the simple town names here in Wales, much less that tongue twister!
If you've been lucky enough to explore the beauty of Wales, I'd love to know about your travel experience.



  1. ...it looks and sounds inviting.

  2. Ohh, this is great! I should make a travel bucket list for my state or places near me!

    1. Thanks - sounds like a plan! When I lived in London, I took for granted all that surrounded me and wish I had made a list of places to see and explored.

  3. Loved this post Jade, as I've only been to Wales once or twice and I've not really scratched the surface of what there is to see. Snowdonia and the Natural History Museum are definitely on my list though, and of course, Hay-On-Wye - I'd love to attend the book festival there one year. Great and really handy post! - Tasha

    1. I imagine the book festival is a lot of fun - I had no idea it was so close to where we live. I hope you're able to explore the places you've mentioned here.


  4. That's a great idea to put together a travel bucket list of places near your home. Hopefully this list will encourage you to get to know Wales better! :)

    1. Hopefully!! I think we can easily overlook on our home country, wanting to explore and adventure elsewhere.


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