February 13, 2017

Our Weekend | 011

| Waking up to snow falling | Tea for two in a teapot | Alexander enjoyed a rare lie in | Breakfast | The making of various Hot Wheels tracks, of course | Hibernating indoors, not because of the snow but because we're all full of lingering coughs and colds | Making progress with tidying the junk drawer - ripping up receipts (note to self: a paper shredder would be nice) | Taking photos for book blog + researching for a post | Lunch time | Afternoon family visits | Nathan creating and crafting, as usual | Number crunching | Deciding on takeaway for dinner, but not for Alexander | Prepping dinner for Alexander | After eating dinner, Alexander played with his tracks again | Waiting way longer than the estimated delivery time for our takeaway (that's what you get for being lazy) | Putting Alexander to bed | Feeling full | Reading a reread book | Film watching for Nathan | Heading upstairs for more reading, followed by some much needed sleep |

| Getting up early to get on with some blog bits without eating into family time | Tea + breakfast | The rest of the family rose | Building car tracks for Alexander before his breakfast | Bath (I do love a morning bath on the weekend, it feels so luxurious) | Daddy & Alexander were on the phone to Grandma & Grandad when I came downstairs | Family time of puzzles and board games - the board game Daddy created | Soup with bread & butter for lunch | Individual pursuits + family time continued for the remainder of afternoon | Dinner | Hot Wheels and much chatter from Alexander - he is playing with cars roughly 70% of the time at the moment | Bath time for the little one followed by bed time | Bath for Nathan | Tea + blog bits for me | Spending some time together | 30 minutes of reading for me | Game play for Nathan | I watched a new yoga routine for the morning (I'm not the only one who watches new exercise routines in full before committing to them, am I?!) | Calling it a night |


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