February 27, 2017

Day In The Life | 20th February 2017

I shared a 'Day In The Life' post last month, something I've been wanting to do for a long time now, and spoke about how I'm not sure with what regularity they will be shared. Well, after some pondering, I've decided to document one day each month. As my blog is mainly photo focused, I know these posts won't be for everyone, but as time progresses I'll be happy to have these records to look back on.

The day is a Monday, and it was half term so Alexander wasn't at nursery.

Woke up. I always try to get up a bit before Alexander does (at 8), whether it be an hour prior or even just 30 minutes. I find having that little time to myself in the morning really sets my day up right. I had myself a cup of tea, made one for Nathan also, and spend an hour doing blogging on my book blog.

Nathan came downstairs, dressed and ready for his first day at a new job. He had some breakfast and the tea I had made him. Had some issues when double checking the bus times, but he actually got to leave a little later than what he thought he had to.

I got Alexander up - he was actually asleep still when I went into his room. I get him dressed first thing, as he still wears a pull up to bed and so needs to come out of that. Alexander does like to dilly dally in the morning. I usually get myself dressed after Alexander, but didn't on this day as I had a mountain of washing to fold and the clothes I wanted to wear were in there, so I thought I'd fold that first before getting ready.

With Alexander and I sitting down to breakfast, Nathan left to catch the bus - we both wished him luck on his new job. Breakfast, much like getting dressed, is slow going with Alexander as he does dilly dally - we have no reason to rush in the mornings, even when Alexander is in nursery (as he attends pm session), and so I don't try to hurry things along as I just think it would be an unnecessary stress at this stage. One of the reasons breakfast can take a while is because when Alexander has cereal for breakfast he loves finding shapes in the cereal pieces - think cloud spotting, but with cereal.

Whilst Alexander finished breakfast, I got started on odd jobs that needed doing around the house, with Alexander soon joining me. The beds needed changing so I took the sheets off of those, loaded the laundry, started folding that mountain of laundry I spoke about, did some drying up and also swept the kitchen floor (helped by Alexander).

Having now got myself dressed, and both of us ready to go out, we head on over to the local park. After spending about 30 minutes playing at the park (mostly on the slide and climbing frame), we leave the park - Alexander begrudgingly so. Our next stop whilst out was the library, where we were also meeting Uncle Lee (my brother). Alexander picked a number of books he wanted to read in the library, making a beeline for the book version of a film he enjoys which he has been asking about recently. We read three or four books in the library, before selecting some to borrow. With the new books of Alexander's checked out, and two library books of mine returned, we then popped to shop for some bread before walking back to our house.

Arriving home, we found that the neighbours cat had left us a gift in the garden... I don't appreciate dead mice however. Settling in at home, tea was made and Alexander sat down to watch a Racegrooves video on YouTube - he showcases Hot Wheels cars, tracks and other stuff. Alexander doesn't usually watch anything during the week, only on the weekend, but I thought with it being half term week I'd let him watch things here and there. He watched just the one video which was no longer than 20 minutes.

With Alexander and Uncle Lee playing and now otherwise occupied, I decided to continue getting on with bits around the house. I did the dishes, started putting clean sheets on the bed, halted in our room as the laundry that still needed folding was on the bed so got to folding that... I found myself soon joined by Alexander, who was having fun jumping on and off the bed.


We settled down with books after lunchtime - Alexander wanted to have a look at vehicles and animals; he loves pouring over the images and learning the names of all the things. After this the afternoon pretty much passed at a steady rate with a variety of activities being enjoyed. I kind of forgot I was documenting the day and didn't make any notes. Uncle Lee left our house at 3ish.

Time to get started on prepping and cooking dinner.

Dinner finished cooking quicker than anticipated and so we ate a little earlier than usual (we tend to eat at 5ish). Alexander helped me to dish up the dinner, and let's just say we were lucky to have any food on our plates!

Nathan arrived home from work earlier than expected - we didn't think Alexander would see him before bed time. We made the most of this with some family time.

With Alexander tucked up in bed, and having heard a rundown of Nathan's first day, I headed for a bath with book in hand - one of the ways I wind down of an evening. Whilst I had my bath, Nathan had a rest in the bed, although he didn't go to sleep.

After my bath, I got Nathan up (as requested) and made tea for the two of us. Nathan spent time working on his current table top gaming project (he is forever creating and crafting), and I caught up on YouTube as well as played Lexulous (an online scrabble game). I ended my evening with a little reading.

With our bed calling, alarms are set for the morning and we call it a night.


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