January 16, 2017

Our Weekend | 010

| An early start with morning discussions | Lie in for Alexander full of cold | A tea and toast kind of morning | Playing | Decisions, decisions, decisions | Folding laundry | Daddy off out | Race Grooves | Book blogging for mummy - taking photos + scheduling posts + replying to comments | Washing dishes | Racing hot wheels cars through puddles - aka water on the worktop | More playing | More tea for mummy - probably consumed far too much of that for one day | So much nose wiping | Daddy arrived home, kindly bearing gifts for Alexander | Dinner: burger & chips | Family time | 7pm bedtime for Alexander | Haircut and bath | Lexulous | Episodes of Person of Interest | Bedtime |

| A rough start to the morning - we now all have a cold | Coaxing Alexander to eat breakfast | Time to get dressed | Nathan's parents arrive for the day | Writing down addresses to send out wedding bits & bobs | Experimenting with car tracks | Off out to the shops | McDonald's for lunch | Grocery shopping - of course I forgot the shopping list | Stop off at the retail park before back home | Conversation with Nathan about collections and collecting things | Unpack the shopping; consulted the shopping list I had forgotten and remembered everything | More experimenting with Hot Wheels tracks - Alexander is all about cars once again |  Saying goodbye to Grandma & Grandad | Bedtime for Alexander | Tea + chocolate | Calling it a (lateish) night after starting my rewatch of the Harry Potter films |


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