January 31, 2017

Interview with Alexander (3 Years Old)

Try as I might, I could not get a 'good' picture for this post, then I realised that a picture depicting Alexander's cheeky personality was better fitting than a posed picture perfect image - he put on my scarf and hat whilst I was getting things ready to go out, he thought it hilarious, and asked me to take a picture. This is his 'cheese' face.

I've wanted to do an interview with my child post for the longest time now, but with Alexander having a speech delay, it has only been within the last four months or so that his speech has really come along leaps and bounds. At one point we were worried about Alexander not talking, and now it is non stop chatter, but I wouldn't have it any other way.

What's your name?
Ummm... Alexander.

How old are you?
Ummm... (After some deep thinking I explain about age and that mummy is 25) Alexander is 22 and 25. (Alexander is 3 I say) Noooooo, Alexander is 5. (I explain again, and we move on)

What's your favourite colour?
Umm... I like it... I like purple... Like blue.

What's your favourite food?
Umm. Cereal. Umm. Crackers. The long crackers. (Specific much?!)

What's your favourite animal?
Alexander likes animals. Dinosaurs. I like it. And scary. Deary me.

What's your favourite song?
Sing twinkle twinkle mummy.

(Brief music interlude)

What's your favourite toy?

What's your favourite book?

Do you have a favourite Thomas train?
The scrapyard.

What's your favourite thing to do?

Do you like the rain?
I like the rain. Mummy like the rain too. Mummy is 25 in the rain.

Where do you like to go?
Tell the teacher. (I interpret this as nursery)

Do you like nursery?

Who is your best friend?
Erin. (Erin is a boy at nursery. Alexander calls him little Erin sometimes, even though they are the same age and he is actually bigger than Alexander. He always waits looking for him at the nursery drop off - it's too cute)

Wrapping up the interview, I decided to see how Alexander interprets what we each do daily.

What does Daddy do?
Go to work.

What does mummy do?
Umm... Eat the food. (Interesting...)

What does Alexander do?
Say hello to the children. (Again, nursery)

What does Alexander want to do when he is bigger?
I like the work.

And that concludes this interview with my three year old.



  1. Awww, this is lovely and the photo is so nice and smiley too! I love Alexander's answer to the animal question, I love dinosaurs too and blue is one of my favourite colours. This was a lovely idea and post to read Jade, just the nice, uplifting kind of thing I needed to read today. - Tasha

  2. What a super lovely and fun post! Cute answers. :)
    This is a great idea for a post and I'm looking forward to reading Alexander's answers when he will be four.

    1. Thanks, Sara - it'll be interesting to see how these posts evolve over time.

  3. Oh, this is so funny especially his answer about what you do: 'eat the food'! I did a set of questions with Pip last year and it was hilarious too. Sounds like Alexander loves nursery :) Polly x

  4. This is so wonderful and Alexander is gorgeous! xx


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