January 12, 2017

Day In The Life | 11th January 2017

Something I've been meaning to do for a good while on my blog now is start compiling and sharing 'Day In The Life' posts. I don't know how interesting these types of posts will be for readers of my blog, but as with most things I post here, I record and document in order to look back. I did hope to start these before Alexander started nursery, so we'd see the shift, however I didn't get on top of them quick enough. I don't know with what regularity I will share these, just that there will be more and I'm keen to see how these differ as time goes on.

I got up at ten to seven... My alarm went off at 6.15, as always, and then Nathan's at 6.40. Even though alarms are set at these times, Nathan and I usually wake up around 7ish. The early alarms are pre-emptive. Nathan leaves for work at 7.15. With Alexander not due up until 8, I have my little morning ritual of tea and me time. Ever since I can remember, I've always gotten up that little bit earlier than needed as I like to have time to fully wake up in the morning. I tend to just gather myself in this time, prepare for the day, bullet journal, watch something etc.

Time to get Alexander up. I get him dressed first thing, followed by myself, and then downstairs for breakfast. I also put a load of washing on whilst making breakfast.

Breakfast - on this morning that was porridge with banana and chopped up walnuts for Alexander and branflakes with an apple for me. We eat breakfast together, usually chit chatting - Alexander was counting on his fingers, something I think they're learning at nursery... He can count up to 30 though so he didn't have enough fingers for that!

With our bellies full, it's time to get on with things in the house. I always like to get anything done around the house first thing so that it's done and dusted with. We always start this out by brushing our teeth and tidying the bedrooms. After that Alexander and I put together his current favourite car track, so he could play whilst I did the chores... That didn't last too long however. As always, Alexander was my shadow on and off. I vacuumed, dried up the dishes from the night before, changed the laundry in the washing machine over, completed some other odd jobs, took book blog photos, and also done the washing up sitting on the worktop, which the ever helpful Alexander took part in also.

Play time! We had roughly an hour of play before lunchtime arrived, and Alexander wanted to play with his cars as well as blow bubbles. We haven't blown bubbles in a good while, but for some reason he was very keen on that today. I love when something really brings joy to Alexander, and his eyes light up with glee; bubbles do that.

Lunchtime for Alexander. Being that he attends the PM session at nursery that starts at 12.45, lunch is a little earlier for him now. I'm very passionate about eating together and as a family, but now that nursery has begun, unfortunately Alexander and I no longer eat lunch together.

Time to prep for nursery. This largely includes getting Alexander changed into his uniform, but seen as he likes to dilly dally, I give us ample time.

We leave for nursery anywhere between 12 and 12.10. The nursery Alexander attends is a good 20 - 30 minute walk away for me, and so a bit longer with him walking some of the journey. Because of the length of journey, and Alexander only having little legs, currently we use the buggy for half the journey and then he walks the other half. We are gradually increasing the length of time he walks, so that ultimately (in a couple of months) he will be walking the full route. Our walk today was super blustery, and Alexander thought my windswept hair funny as well as delighting in the fallen leaves (or crunchies as he calls them) swirling all around.

Arriving home from the nursery drop off, it's time for me to make some lunch myself. As I mentioned above, there was some serious wind and so I was keen to warm up once home, which can only mean one thing on the menu - soup! After eating lunch I caught up on some book blog admin bits before heading back on out to get Alexander at 2.45.

As you can tell, much of the afternoon involves being in and out, in and out walking and so when we arrive home from nursery collection there is a feeling of relief. Whilst walking home I did think about how I want to try and start stopping off at the library on route home one day a week - we used to visit the library once a week before nursery, but we have yet to go at all this year.

Having made a start on the dinner, with potatoes chopped and in the oven, I decide to give Alexander a bath now. Coming home covered in a pen, he needed a good old scrub. One of Alexander's favourite things to do at the moment is take some toy fishes and a toy submarine in the bath with him and pretend it is the ocean. All three fish seem to be called Dory, and not a single one actually looks like Dory.

Fresh from the bath, Alexander plays whilst I make the rest of dinner.

Dinner is served. On the menu: cubed potatoes, quinoa and a stir fry of chicken, peppers and sweetcorn. Typically we wouldn't have potatoes and quinoa, just one or the other, but I didn't have enough potatoes to serve all three of us so cooked up the quinoa also.

Time to relax! Once again, Alexander decided to play with his toy cars. I feel like he mostly played with cars today for some unknown reason - normally he has a million and one things on the go at once.

Having taken a picture of Alexander playing, he decided he wanted to take some pictures too. This is a new thing of Alexander's. He pretends to take pictures with totally random objects, but today I actually let him do it with my camera (aided by me of course). We walked around the house and he took pictures of things that caught his eye; toys, the messy kitchen, his bedroom, tsum tsums. The picture to the side is one he took of his bed.

After all the photography fun, we wound down with a bedtime story. We never used to do bedtime stories, as they used to rile Alexander up, but since starting nursery we make a point of making a bedtime story part of our routine as we don't really read as often as we used to within the day. Alexander chose a Mr Men book: Mr Forgetful.

Daddy arrived home from work during our bedtime story, and so we put Alexander to bed together.

With Alexander in bed, Nathan ate his dinner that was left in the microwave for him and I made us both a cup of tea. After a chit chat about our respective days, we got on with individual pursuits. Nathan started watching a film and I was busy transferring pictures and video from my camera on to my external hard drive, which took ages, as well as doing some blogging bits. I'd have liked to get some reading in, as I do try to read each day and switch off from electronics a good while before going to bed, but I was just too tired!

Good night.


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