December 28, 2016

Our Weekend | 009 (Christmas Edition)

As a way of capturing more of the every day, I'm going to start chronicling how we spend our weekends - they may not be the most exciting posts, as we are very much a homey family, but they'll be posts I'll happily look back on.

SATURDAY (Christmas Eve)
We started Christmas Eve a little later than we do most weekends - Nathan was awake earlier than both me and Alexander, but we didn't get up until 9am! And a lovely lie in it was too!

This was the first Christmas Eve in two years that we were able to spend with Daddy, so that automatically made Christmas Eve all the more special.

Coming downstairs, Alexander was greeted by his Christmas Eve basket that included the last advent book, a collection of short Christmas stories, a Christmas craft, a Christmas film and also new pjs and slippers - Alexander was mostly interested in the film, pjs and slippers as they were all Paw Patrol themed and he is mad on Paw Patrol at the moment!

Having breakfasted and gotten ourselves ready for the day, we started to make our cookies for Santa. One of our Christmas traditions is making a batch of cookies for Santa on Christmas Eve... This tradition only actually started last year, however it is something we're keen to continue over the coming years.

With the cookies in the oven, we had an arrival of guests - my mum, her partner, my brother, my mum's partner's son and also my nephew. We had a good amount of family time. The boys (Alexander and my 5 year old nephew) had a lot of fun together, there was singing of Christmas songs, and also fresh from the oven cookies consumed. They left early afternoon.

Something we decided to do differently this Christmas was have our Christmas dinner on Christmas Eve as opposed to Christmas Day itself. I thought this would feel odd and out of the ordinary, but we were all really happy with this decision and have decided that we're likely to continue it from here on in. I don't know about you, but Christmas dinner definitely leaves me feeling sluggish and sleepy, and given that Alexander is go, go, go on Christmas day, it was nice not to have that feeling then.

We did run in to a problem with our Christmas dinner however, we somehow forgot pigs in blankets. What!?! Nathan went to see if they had any in our local convenience store, and whilst they didn't, the shop owners picked some up from the local Tesco for us which was super nice of them!

Whilst the Christmas dinner was cooking away, we decided to pop on The Polar Express and whiled away some time enjoying one of my favourite Christmas stories - I love both the book and film version of The Polar Express.

Dinner was ready to go at a little after four, and we all happily tucked in. During the time following dinner, we completed the Christmas craft that was in Alexander's Christmas Eve box as well as read the advent book - The Night Before Christmas. With Alexander dressed for bed in his new Paw Patrol onesie, we left out milk and cookies for Santa (which Alexander wanted to eat himself!) before tucking Alexander in for the night.

With Alexander in bed, Nathan and I placed all the presents from family under the Christmas tree and had a relaxing evening before calling it a night.

SUNDAY (Christmas Day)
Our day began at a little after 8 when we went into sleepy head Alexander's room, eager to see if Santa had visited... It turns out he had, and left Alexander a stocking of lovely little bits including a Paw Patrol mash'em, a couple of dragon figures, Finding Dory on DVD and also a mini kite.

Heading on downstairs Alexander was amazed when he saw all the presents under the Christmas tree, but then also claimed it to be a mess too! We had breakfast, and Nathan and I used my new teapot for two set that he had got me for Christmas (he didn't wrap it so that we could use it on Christmas morning), which was very nice indeed.

We don't open our presents until after breakfast, and so the gift giving began at about 10. Given that Alexander is spoiled rotten by a number of family members, he usually opens presents in batches as it is a little less overwhelming for him then. We were all very fortunate to receive some lovely and thoughtful gifts from our loved ones.

We mostly got Alexander little presents, as we knew he was getting some big things from other family members, and so we got him a set of puzzles, a couple of games, a set of dinosaur books and also two new Thomas trains (Emily and Ferdinand). He received a bunch of things alongside those including a new Paw Patrol bedset, a calendar of family photos, Bunchems, a wooden train table set and so much more!

Christmas Day itself we choose to spend together just the three of us, we always have done, and so that remained the case this year also.

In place of Christmas dinner, we had a bunch of buffet party type of food instead - the cocktail sausages seemed to go down well with Alexander as he went back to the platter and pretty much nabbed them all after eating the couple on his plate! This did make me and Nathan chuckle.

A large portion of Christmas Day was given to putting together toys of Alexander's and exploring all the new things... As well as finding places for them also! Thankfully I have found a home for each and every one of the new toys that came in this year.

We also spent a portion of our evening watching random videos on YouTube that we were all glued to. It started with Nathan looking into Hexbugs, as Alexander got one for Christmas, and then we were watching videos of giant marble runs made by people and then also a couple of Hot Wheels car videos too. A bit of a random thing, but something we all enjoyed.

After the madness of the day, Alexander went to bed at the usual time of 7pm. Nathan and I then decided to put up Alexander's new train table, as it made most sense to do it with everything away and Alexander away from all the fiddly bits, and we watched Love Actually whilst doing so. Alexander was surprised by the sight of the train table the following morning!




  1. This sounded so lovely, I especially like the tradition of making cookies for Santa on Christmas Eve, very cute. The videos of giant marble runs is intriguing me so I'm off to look at that now! Sounds like you all had a wonderful Christmas. <3 - Tasha

    1. Thank you, Tasha! Santa does love a good cookie or two :-P

      Giant marble runs are such a random thing, but the kind of video that holds you there! Pretty fascinating!

      Have a great week!

  2. I sure wish that I had come up with Paw Patrol, two youngest Granddaughter love it.


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