December 05, 2016

Our Weekend | 008

As a way of capturing more of the every day, I'm going to start chronicling how we spend our weekends - they may not be the most exciting posts, as we are very much a homey family, but they'll be posts I'll happily look back on.

With plans of heading into the city centre (Cardiff), we were up bright and early on Saturday. After a breakfast that involved reading a couple of Alexander's advent books, we were dressed and ready to head out in to the crisp winter's day with multiple bus journeys ahead of us.

We reached Cardiff a little after 11, and the place was chock-a-block! We've been to Cardiff many a time on the weekend and we've never experienced it being so busy - of course the Christmas market and people wanting to buy Christmas presents definitely played into the high footfall. It wasn't the most enjoyable of outings, for this reason, but we had a productive shopping trip (I have just three presents left to buy now) and a nice meal for lunch/dinner before heading back on the buses. The journey to Cardiff takes us about an hour and a half on the bus; there is the option to get a train which takes about half the time but with more changes and such. We quite like bus journeys so aren't too fussed by that, although Nathan can be an impatient bus traveller! 'Are we there yet?', 'We've been on the bus X amount of time', 'We're only here!' - these are common phrases spoken by him on route.

One of the things we wanted to do whilst in the city centre was get Alexander's feet measured and get him some new shoes from Clarks. Alexander is now an 8 and a half in shoes and is the proud new owner of dinosaur shoes as well as light up ones too.

Having spent most of the day out, we arrived home at about 4.30 and just wanted a good old rest. I got to open my packages that had arrived before we left - books and the most snuggly pair of pjs ever - and then we spent a good portion of the evening reading. Nathan read our festive family read of The Christmasaurus whilst Alexander and I had a snack and warm drink, and then Alexander wanted me to read a bunch of his new books. The two of them had some fun play time whilst I wrapped my mum and brother's birthday presents, and then it was off to bed for Alexander.

After a relax in the bath, and watching the beginning of Jingle All The Way, it was off to bed for me - I was knackered!

I think we were all tired from the day before, as all three of us got a late to start to the day not waking up until about 8.30 or so, which is unusual for us. Much like the day before, we had plans for Sunday also, although they did not require an early start. The day before was my Mum's birthday, but due to being out all day we didn't get to see her, so we intended to pop in and see her for a bit... As well as my brother, as it is his birthday on Monday.

Alexander was a little bit miserable in the morning, we don't entirely know why. After a breakfast of pancakes, and having got ready for the day, Nathan decided to put up to Christmas tree structure as we were wanting to decorate it later in the day - the sight of the Christmas tree seemed to cheer Alexander up. He was wandering around the house saying 'Christmas time, Christmas time'! This is the first Christmas that Alexander has really been into the holiday and understood all that is going on, which in many ways makes it all the more exciting for us. 

A little while later we bundled up and headed on out to see my family.

Reaching back home a bit before one, lunch was had and then it was time to decorate our Christmas tree. Alexander was mesmerised by the decorations at Nanny's house, and he happily helped in decorating our own tree... Of course you can see Alexander has helped to decorate the tree as there is a patch on the bottom of the tree where there is a cluster of decorations all in the one place! We didn't move these though, as it was fun him helping us with the tree - a nice family activity with all involved. Alexander says his section of the tree is so cute and that the tree looks pretty with the lights turned on. I shared some pictures from us decorating the tree, which you can see here.

Our evening passed pleasantly, with a nice hearty comfort meal for dinner, and some quality time together... Well, for Alexander and I; Daddy was working on his writing. Alexander went to bed at the usual time of 7, and I spent the rest of my evening work on a bunch of blog stuff whilst finishing up watching Jingle All The Way - I literally love Christmas films! I hope I can get a good few more in before the end of the season.


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