December 09, 2016

Little Loves | The Christmasaurus, 13th and Christmas Crafting

There has been no change here this week in what I'm reading - still popping in and out of the wizarding world with my Harry Potter reread.

As a family we're fully immersed in the festive spirit with our reading material. Alexander has been loving his winter themed books each day from the book advent calendar, and as a family we've been reading a chapter here and there from The Christmasaurus by Tom Fletcher. We love Tom Fletcher's writing as a whole - one imaginative and creative writer right there - and The Christmasaurus is not disappointing.

I'm still watching Person of Interest, and have made a good dent in the episodes - I'm currently half way through season 3. I also watched 13th the other night; it's a Netflix documentary that focuses on race and the justice system in the US (more specifically, mass incarceration). I've had it on my list since it was available on Netflix but only just got round to watching it - if you've been thinking of giving it a watch then I highly recommend doing so. 13th is such a powerful and eye opening documentary.

Nothing to report here...

Alexander and I got crafty at the beginning of the week and we painted some wooden Christmas ornaments that we'd purchased from Hobbycraft - I shared a picture on Twitter which you can see here.

We also made the house all Christmassy over the weekend, as I mentioned in my last Little Loves post. We keep it pretty simple with our Christmas decorations - we have a decorated tree, our advent calendar and then just a couple knick knacky bits. Alexander has been loving the Christmas tree this year!

I bought the comfiest pjs last week and I'm basically in love with them. I want to live in them all day, every day. They are a top + bottoms set from Sainsbury's and are perfect for this time of year being a fleecy material - not to warm either, so great for these chilly nights. Best purchase I've made in ages.

I realise I sound quite passionate about a pair of pjs above - but for context, I literally love lounge clothes and basically only get dressed in 'real clothes' when I go out. Yep, I'm one of those people.

The next two weekends of ours are booked up with family visiting and I'm really excited about that. One of my favourite things about Christmas is being with family and loved ones, and whilst we spend Christmas Day itself just the three of us, I love the time around it in which we see all the family. Also my Dad is coming up from London next weekend and we haven't seen him since the early in the year, so that'll be nice. Also... After these next two weekends, it is Christmas. I feel like Christmas has kind of just snuck up on us this year. Just me?




  1. I literally cannot wait until the kids break up from Christmas so that I can wear pjs all the time too!! xxx

  2. Ha ha I get the whole pj love thing. My partner is on gardening leave at the mo so he's on school duty and as I work from home it's all about the pjs and lounge clothes. Sounds like you have a lovely few weeks planned with your family visiting. Have fun!

  3. Christmas does seem to have suddenly snuck up on us! I haven't even got the tree up yet with all the building work going on. Love how passionate you are about your new PJ's (nothing wrong with that!). I live in comfies too. I will be recommending 13th to my husband, I think he'd really enjoy that. Enjoy your weekend xx

    1. I can't believe how fast December feels! I hope you had a lovely weekend, and have a great week... Maybe with a tree up :-P

  4. Ooh I saw loads of lovely fluff PJs and dressing gowns in Sainsbury's the other day - wanted to buy myself some too! Nothing better than snuggling up on a winter's evening in cosy pjs.

    1. So true - one of life's simple pleasures! Have a great week!

  5. I really want to read the christmasaurs! I love christmas pj's.

  6. Don't apologise for the PJ love, I feel exactly the same. I'm in them from 6pm onwards pretty much every night! xx

  7. Christmas does seem to have come awfully fast! I still have presents that need to be gotten!

    I hope you are enjoying time with your family. It's awesome that so many family members are coming into town to see you! (Not that you aren't worth it, just that it can be a stressful time of year to travel!) :)

    1. Thankfully I've gotten all the presents, but I do need to tackle to the wrapping!

      Haha! I totally get what you're saying. We're very lucky that they come to us, because travelling with a toddler at this time of year definitely doesn't sound fun to me!


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