November 17, 2016

Snippets | 002 (Curating Memories)

Growing up, I was very much that child that pored over the pages of our family photo albums time and time again, asking my parents to identify the faces and being drawn back in time by memories of bygone days.

I say I was very much that child, but I'm still very much that person now - just a few weekends ago I was looking for a picture of my nan and her sister together (both of whom have sadly passed), and of course I turned to my mum and all those photo albums I explored when younger. We ended up in my Mum & Dad's wedding album... My parents are divorced now, and have been for quite some time, and have found happiness with other partners, and so I said to my mum, 'I'm surprised you still have this' and she responded that she kept it for us - her three children. To pass her memories on to us.

This conversation felt like a passing thing at the time, but a week later when I sat down to start working on a scrapbook I'm compiling of our holiday to Brighton, everything kind of clicked for me. That fleeting moment with my Mum was suddenly one of such significance.

I've enjoyed photography for a good while now, and I love capturing things (hence the blog), however until I had Alexander and a family of my own, I never really curated those photos, those moments in time, those memories. They were days logged in my mind and stored on a computer or hard drive.

Now they are a physical things, tangible items, books and albums that will one day be pored over by my son, and maybe even his own family in years to come.

We've come full circle.



  1. Pictures bring back the memories.

  2. I used to love pouring over those albums too Jade! I used to love sitting with my mum and having her go through all the stories of the past. It's a good job I was taking it all in as she's not around now for me to ask any questions. The only thing I would have asked her had she still been here was why I don't have any photos of my father (they divorced when I was 3). I guess it was too painful for her to keep them. It's such an amazing gift from your mum that she kept these for you, despite her and your father splitting up. I also need to get around to doing an album for my kids. I guess that's what I'm doing through Instagram and my blog, but it's just not the same as having something physical to get out from time to time.

    1. The fact that you sat with your mum and looked at the albums, taking it all in, means you now have stories to pass on to your children from bygone days, as well as the stories and memories you are creating with them now presently :-)

      With technology these days, and most things being digital, I think we forget about having something physical as it is stored digitally and that will be there forever really, but whilst I blog and have social media, I'm very much someone who is keen on keeping some traditional things too, if that makes sense!

  3. I love looking at photo albums too and keep meaning to make albums of the photos I have of the boys. There would be very few of me though as Ian never takes any pictures of me :( Thanks for linking up to #SundayBest x

    1. It's the same in our household - mostly just pictures of Alexander and with Daddy, hardly any with me! I've been asking more lately though! Thanks for hosting :-)


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