November 14, 2016

Our Weekend | 007

As a way of capturing more of the every day, I'm going to start chronicling how we spend our weekends - they may not be the most exciting posts, as we are very much a homey family, but they'll be posts I'll happily look back on.

After a round of tea, toast and eggs, the three of us set off out for the morning with plans of taking Alexander on his first buggy-less bus journey. Alexander has been out of the buggy and walking locally for quite a while now - locally being in and around our little village - however we've never braved taking him to further towns and villages without the buggy. Or rather, on the bus without the buggy.

We went to the library as well as a quick pit stop at the supermarket, before heading on back home just in time for lunch. Alexander did really well without the buggy, as we suspected he would do, as there wasn't too much walking to be done. Of course what would have been about a 30 - 40 minute trip was practically doubled in time because of his little legs, but it was a good outing overall. We only braved one of the smaller towns - not the city centre, or our nearest big town - but I love that we're progressing like this now he's getting older. You do kind of miss being able to put everything on the buggy though!

Alexander and I had lunch once back, whilst Nathan tended to the fish pond outdoors. He had lunch soon after, and as I wasn't feeling too well I went for a lie down / rest whilst they watched Alexander's new Thomas film (The Great Race) together.

The rest of the afternoon kind of just passed really, as the days often get away with us on weekends when spending time together, and we dined on meatball subs in the evening. An hour or so later Alexander was off to bed and Nathan and I got on with our own individual pursuits - Nathan working on his miniature models and I started working on a scrapbook with pictures and memories from our holiday to Brighton. I was feeling pretty rough by the end of the day though and so headed off to bed a little earlier than usual, in hopes that I'd wake up feeling better - no such luck though!

Waking on Sunday I felt even worse than the day before... Even after what felt like a good restful sleep! After having breakfast and playing with Alexander for a bit, I was still feeling quite out of sorts and so Nathan sent me upstairs for some rest and relaxation - I had a bath and followed that up with tea in bed under a comfy blanket whilst watching the remainder of a Disney vlog.

When playing with Alexander before I went back upstairs, we were playing with his Thomas take n play toys. He wanted to count the trains and track - he guessed he had 16 trains, but it turned out he has 23 trains and 44 pieces of track. After that we just played with them and he recreated scenes as well as naming the different trains and pieces on the trains like funnel and buffer etc. Alexander can be so creative with his toys, especially trains and vehicles.

After my rest, I came downstairs to have lunch with the rest of the family and was greeted by a warm welcome from Alexander saying he had missed me - too sweet! Alexander and I had lunch again whilst Nathan tended to the fish again (we seem to have a couple of poorly ones). I tried a new to me tea with my lunch, a peach and raspberry flavoured one. I quite enjoyed it, but what I'm having to get used to is the taste of water from a cup. I'm not the best fan of that, it even makes me gag a little, but I'm keen to step out of my tea comfort zone, especially by trying more caffeine free tea. Currently I drink water from a water bottle and the only tea I consume is of the black kind with some milk and no sugar.

Once again the afternoon passed with a variety of activities. One of which included Alexander and I playing with the magic bubbles that Nathan got him on Friday after work. They are the same as regular bubbles but once you've blown them they harden after a couple of seconds. Alexander really enjoys regular bubbles and was also quite taken with these ones too. They are a bit messy though and stick to you easily when hardened - they particularly liked Alexander's hair which was quite funny to see with masses of bubbles on top of his curls.

Alexander was being rather domesticated all afternoon and evening; opting to play a lot with his cleaning trolley that has a hoover, brush and mop on, as well do washing in his toy washing machine also. He loves both of these toys. He is also super polite at the moment and whenever you help him or say something nice he goes 'that's so kind' - we've heard that a lot today!

Disaster struck come dinner time - I dropped it on the floor! I was feeling very defeated and fed up by that, but Nathan was helping to try and see the light in it and cheered me up with a chocolate from the shop... Y'know, because he had to go and buy some dinner! Alexander tried eating dinner himself really well this evening; often times he can be a bit lazy with using cutlery and often asks for help but he's definitely getting better on that front.

A while after dinner Alexander was given a quick bath and tucked up into bed. Nathan soon followed him on the bath front, and whilst he did that I got working on some blog stuff. I'd finished my writing of posts by time Nathan emerged from his bath and so we watched a couple of things together and he made us hot chocolate - on the hob and actually melting physical chocolate himself. Despite a mishap, it turned out pretty tasty. We then pottered about a bit, including doing some cleaning, before calling it a night.




  1. Keep his little legs working!

  2. Despite some troubles, it sounds like a lovely weekend.
    A cleaning trolley - what a great toy! :)

    1. Haha! Alexander loves 'helping mummy' and is very happy to do so with his cleaning trolley! Now if only it were actually really helpful... :-P

      I hope you're having a great week!


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