November 09, 2016

Our Weekend | 006 (Including Alexander's 3rd Birthday)

As a way of capturing more of the every day, I'm going to start chronicling how we spend our weekends - they may not be the most exciting posts, as we are very much a homey family, but they'll be posts I'll happily look back on.

Waking earlier than usual for the weekend, we were up and at 'em by 7 o'clock Saturday morning - we being Nathan and I, Alexander got up at 7.45. We woke to our first proper frost this autumn/winter season, with the entire lawn awash with frost. I find frost to be such a beautiful sight, but the first frost is all the more special.

What woke us bright and early was the fact that we were off to the cinema in the morning. With a 9.50 viewing, a rather slow paced toddler, and not the shortest of journeys to complete, an early morning was required. After everyone was feed, ready, and bundled up in our winter warmers, we headed off out at 8.30.

Once arriving in town, we soon reached our destination of the cinema. This was Alexander's first time ever to the cinema, and it was actually our birthday outing for him. We opted to see Finding Dory - Alexander really enjoys Finding Nemo, which we have at home and have watched a few times, plus he loves fish and underwater creatures.

I was a little anxious about how our cinema trip would go, as whilst Alexander is a big movie watcher, often times he doesn't have the best attention span, however Finding Dory proved to be a hit and held his attention throughout. He did chose to move from his seat and sit on my lap a couple of times, but with the children's booster seats being made of hard plastic, that was totally understandable! He was chatty at times, marvelling at certain aspects of the film, but I think that's kind of expected in a child specific viewing - we went to Cineworld's Movies For Juniors session.

This was our first time going to this particular Cineworld branch, and whilst the building was really nice and staff super lovely and helpful, it was pretty chilly in the film screening room itself, and also the trailers for the film seemed to be on extra high volume - it was so loud! One family even left during the trailers because of this reason, getting a refund on their tickets, however the volume seemed to return to a normal level once the film itself came on. Very odd!

Our first family cinema experience couldn't have gone better really, and we all loved the film; Nathan and I both agreed that Finding Dory was better than the original of Finding Nemo. We'll for sure be purchasing it on DVD when it's released and I'd highly recommend seeing it - a bit of a rollercoaster emotionally, but some really great themes throughout.

The film finished at close to twelve, and after completing an errand in the town centre, we hopped on the bus to an out of town retail park where we picked up Alexander's birthday cake, had some lunch, and I got a new winter themed mug to add to my ever growing mug collection. After a super chilly wait for the bus home - which was over 20 minutes late (not the best thing when the bus only comes every 30 minutes) - we reached home close to 3pm.

As afternoon turned to evening, Alexander was bathed and put to bed. Shortly thereafter I had a bath myself, and spent the rest of my evening full of cold, drinking hot chocolate, and reading Harry Potter.

It was another early morning for us - not because of alarms this time, well traditional alarms anyway; we woke to the sound of Alexander singing bright and early a little before 7am! We had a slow and leisurely morning with all the usual breakfast scenes; me drinking tea, Alexander making a mess whilst eating breakfast, and Nathan either singing or listening to music... I wonder where Alexander gets it from eh. I managed to get a couple of frost shots in the garden after breakfast and my gosh it was chilly! Brrr! Nathan and Alexander also worked on the pond a little in the morning; Alexander is basically Nathan's shadow.

At around 10, Nathan's mum and dad arrived and after warming up with some tea we were off out the door. Our plans for the day included a trip into Cardiff. Although it was super cold - it seriously feels like mid winter, and its only set to get colder - the weather was on our side today allowing us to venture into Bute Park and have a wander admiring the autumnal beauty. One of the reasons I was keen to visit the park was so Alexander could have fun crunching in all the leaves because there is an abundance there and he does have fun in the 'crunchies' as he calls them.

We headed into the city centre shopping area after the park in search of some lunch. We had picked out a buffet restaurant to eat at, and after a bit of a troublesome search to find it, we were seated and picking from an assortment of delicious meals to consume. We all quite liked the buffet (if you're local we went to Red Hot World Buffet); the average rating from us was 3 out of 5 and we would return again.

After lunch we made a pit stop in Waterstones before heading back to the car. Nathan is getting me books for Christmas, and so I said why not stop in there and have a look as it is bigger than our local Waterstones. I'm so glad that we did as they had some signed editions of one of the books on my wishlist - Lyrebird by Cecelia Ahern. I've never owned a signed book before, and I'm really happy that my first signed book will be by my favourite author!

Once home from our city centre adventure, we all warmed up with tea once more and family time continued. Nathan's parents left at 6ish, and a little while thereafter Alexander was changed and tucked up in bed.

Nathan and I had some birthday prep to complete for Alexander, including blowing up balloons, wrapping presents, and writing card. So basically, all the birthday things! After that Nathan continued to work on his miniature models and I got on with a bunch of blog stuff that I wanted to do. Once again my evening ended with a hot drink and Harry Potter.

Obviously Monday isn't a part of the weekend, but I wanted to include some snippets from Alexander's 3rd birthday.

As we wished Alexander a happy birthday upon getting him up, he preceded to tell us about it being the chipmunks birthday (Alvin and the Chipmunks) before then deciding it was Daddy's birthday. Referring to the day as someone else's birthday remained throughout the day!

Before breakfast we gifted Alexander the presents we had got him - the new Thomas film (The Great Race), a new take n play train (Ashima) and also a big colouring pad that is Thomas themed. He was very happy with his presents, although more interested in the balloons to begin with! After breakfast he set up a train track so he could play with the new train alongside the many others he has.

Early morning my sister came over to visit, along with my nephew, and much fun was had. The two boys played really nicely together, and them as well as Nathan had a whole lot of fun with the balloons... Three balloons being popped in the process, much to Alexander's delight! He thought it absolutely hilarious every time one of them popped! During this time Nathan's mum and dad arrived also.

At half 12, my sister and nephew left and the rest of us headed on out. Food was much needed and we headed to the toy shop so Alexander could pick out a couple of pieces as money had been sent to him for this such reason - he chose another take n play train (surprise), a guitar and also some dinosaur figures. As time was getting on, we had a quick stop off at McDonalds for lunch.

After 3 we were back out again, but this time nor far, over to my mum and her partner's house. He opened presents there and we also opted to do his cake there as it made sense with all of us there. Sadly we couldn't get Alexander a Thomas cake, to carry on the running theme from us, but we did get him a Blaze cake which is a show he quite enjoys too. We all had cake and family time ensued. We headed back home at 5.30ish, and Nathan's parents left soon after.

Alexander said he had a nice birthday and enjoyed himself - and that's all you could ask for really.




  1. Replies
    1. A busy weekend - but fun; although I happily welcomed a relax come Tuesday!

  2. It sounds you had a lovely weekend and birthday. :)
    Such wonderful, happy photos!

    1. We did Sara, thank you!

      I hope you're having a wonderful week :-)

  3. What a lovely weekend. And happy birthday to you little man! It's so interesting to read how about a day (weekend!) in the life with a 3 year old. My eldest has just turned 2 and I've been wondering when she'll. e big enough to take to the cinema etc. It sounds like nap times are behind you, which at least means you can get out and about more without being a slave to the clock (and avoiding sleep deprived meltdowns)!

    The other thing which fills me of joy reading this, is how many family members managed to pop in. This is one thing I really miss for our kids (and me) Neither of our parents are with us any more and we're 6hr and 8hr drives from our own siblings and their kids. I so miss having people just pop by, especially for our kids. Enjoy it and count your blessings xx

    1. Ah, thank you!

      Alexander dropped his naps not long after he turned two, and whilst I do miss that time that I would've had to myself, I love spending that extra time with him and, as you say, not being a slave to the clock! It's nice to have that freedom. Alexander really surprised me with the cinema - but I think waiting till he was the right age and also the right film really helped in that.

      Nathan's parents live in Birmingham, so they were staying down for Alexander's birthday, but even so we get to see them really regularly. The same with my family that are here in Wales too (both Nathan and I are from cities in the UK). I'm sorry to hear about your parents - that must be really tough. Family time is so precious, and definitely not something to be taken for granted.

      Wishing you a lovely weekend :-)


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