October 26, 2016

Trip Details | Brighton

I've been meaning to write this post since I shared the rest of our holiday posts way back when in May, but it was one of those things that was noted but never written... Until today! I intend to do this kind of post for any holidays we go on, but hopefully those will be closer to the time of trips taken!

'Trip Details' is where I share the details of a trip - quite simply put. I love reading posts about where people have been, and looking at the amazing pictures they share, but sometimes I'd like a little more detail than what is provided. Here you'll find me sharing the little things about our trips: the dates we went, how we got there, where we stayed, what attracted us to the destination, how much money we spent on the trip, activities we did etc. So, if you're interested in hearing those things about our Spring/Summer trip to Brighton, then carry on reading!

Monday 16th May 2016 - Thursday 19th May 2016

Brighton, East Sussex, England
We chose to visit Brighton as we were keen to visit the seaside, and growing up I have very fond family memories of day trips to Brighton, and I was keen to experience that with my own little family. Brighton is also a place I'm vaguely familiar with, and as someone with anxiety, familiarity was important for our first family holiday.

Being that neither me nor my partner drive, we rely on public transport on a daily basis and also for travel. There was the option to get a train or coach to Brighton from where we live here in Wales, but we opted to take the coach for two reasons: 1. Nathan and I enjoy coach journeys and 2. Coach was significantly cheaper than taking a train.

To get us to Brighton from Wales, two coaches are needed. National Express advised us on a route that involved switching at the airport, but we weren't keen on that idea. Travelling with a child means that you have extra worries such as making sure you can be seated together and such, so we wanted to get on the coaches from the first destination where possible - which the airport is not. So, our first coach was roughly two hours in journey time and took us from our local coach station: Newport, to the London Victoria coach station. From London, we then took an hour and a half long coach journey to Brighton.

Despite it being a long day for all, travelling on a coach with a toddler in tow was not nearly half as bad as I was anticipating prior.

Return journey for two adults and one infant from Newport, South Wales to London Victoria: we paid £45.50.

Return journey for two adults and one infant from London Victoria to Brighton Coach Station: we paid £25.90.

Travelodge, Brighton Seafront
Nathan and I had stayed in this Travelodge prior to having Alexander, and were more than happy to return with child in tow. The location is really great - not only is it close to the seafront, but just a short walk to the main town centre also. The family room had ample space for the three of us, and more if we'd wanted, with staff very friendly and happy to help if needed. We got breakfast in with our booking price - kids eat free - and it was a really good deal with a nice variety of both hot and cold food on offer.

We would happily stay at this location again, although I think it is worth noting that we did stay during the week, whereas previously Nathan and I had stayed during a weekend period and there was a significant difference in noise level. Brighton is quite well known for its nightlife, and on the weekend I would be wary of that given that there is a club literally right next door to the hotel.

For two adults and one child to stay in a family room for three nights on a saver rate (non refundable), we paid a total of £174.70, including breakfast for the three of us each morning.

16th: £42
17th: £42
18th: £43
Breakfast for two adults, for three days: £47.70 (kids eat free) (£7.95 p/p p/d)

Monday 16th
After our day of travel, once we had checked in after a short walk to our hotel, it was already nearing on 7pm. We decided to just have dinner at the hotel restaurant, as it was easier with a toddler who was up after usual bedtime, and ended the evening with a little walk on the beach. You couldn't go to the seaside and not see the sea on your first day!?!

Other than dinner, there were no expenses on this day.

Tuesday 17th
The first full day of our holiday. We only had one actual activity planned for this day and it was to go on the seafront train - Volk's Electric Railway. 

Our day started out with breakfast at our hotel, followed by a walk along the seafront, a meander on the pier, and some pebble collecting. We then headed back to our hotel after this as we had done these activities sans buggy for Alexander; understandably by that time he was waning a little and so we headed back for a little rest before the afternoon rolled around.

We headed back to where we had been in the morning, having a late lunch at the Harvester before hopping on the seafront railway at the aquarium station, opting to travel the full journey of the train - you're able to get a ticket to the halfway point or to the end destination of the marina area. I don't remember the cost of the ticket exactly, and due to current works they are now being revamped, however I don't remember paying more than £10 for two return tickets (children under 3 being free).

After having a potter about at the marina area, and spending a good portion of time taking pictures of seagulls, we then took the train back to the main seafront area. We shopped for some souvenirs before heading back to the hotel for the night.

Unfortunately, because I didn't do this post at the time of going, I'm rubbish at providing the cost of certain things, sorry!

Wednesday 18th
Once again, our day started out with breakfast followed by a stop at the seaside - naturally.

The plans for the day being meeting up with a fellow blogger - Polly from Our Seaside Baby - and exploring the aquarium with our son's. Having arranged the night before that the aquarium was a dead cert, we booked our tickets online then and got a little bit of a discount. We were at the aquarium most of the morning and a small portion of the afternoon, having lunch there also.

Having Polly, who lives in Brighton, as our tour guide of sorts, she took us to the Royal Pavilion, a place we were keen to visit but weren't entirely sure how to get there. We spend some time in the beautiful gardens there, however we didn't go in to the pavilion itself because of the time of day we got there.

After wandering among the nature in the pavilion gardens, Polly took us to the cafe within Brighton Dome and we stopped off for a rest of the legs, a warm drink, and much chatter. A good while later we parted ways with Polly and her son, heading back to the seafront for fish and chips for dinner... Because you can't visit the seaside without fish and chips at least once! We followed our fish and chips with some ice cream from a cafĂ© Nathan and I had discovered, and loved, on a previous trip there - Scoop and Crumb. Soon there after we called it a night.

Tickets for two adults at the SeaLife Aquarium: £22 (Alexander was free being 2 years old)
Cost of visiting the Royal Pavilion Gardens: Free. If you're interested in checking out the pavilion itself, you can find more on charges here.

Thursday 19th
With a mid morning coach to catch in order to start our journey back home, we spend what time we did have the same way we had spent all the previous other mornings: breakfast at our hotel followed by a beach trip. We also made a pit stop at a book shop that was less than a five minute walk from our hotel, before heading to the coach station once more and bidding Brighton farewell.

Including the prepaid costs of travel and hotel, as well as our spending money for the trip, Brighton cost us as a family of three visiting from South Wales - roughly, £500.

We had such a lovely time in Brighton, and thoroughly enjoyed out first proper family holiday by the seaside. Of course holidays are measured on memories, and not money, but I do think it's useful to see how much a particular type of holiday would cost you as well as what there is to do locally within a given area.





  1. Brighton is one of those places I've only ever briefly been driven through but it's somewhere I really want to visit properly as so many of my friends have told me it's a lovely place. I liked reading about your costs as well as that's very useful for planning any future trips, so thank you for including that information! Glad you had a lovely time as well, the photos looked nice and sunny. - Tasha

    1. Ah, hopefully you're able to visit Brighton at some point - there is so much to see and do. We stayed predominantly around the seafront area this time as we had toddler in buggy, but there is some really great nature to be found a little further afield too.

      Thanks! We had such a great time, and the amount of time we spent there was just perfect for us. Besides one downpour (when we were in the aquarium), we really lucked out with the weather!

  2. It sounds like you had a nice time in Brighton. Very relaxing. And you did a great job of keeping the costs down! I love how you say "holidays are measured on memories and not money". While that is very true, I know you were glad to come home and not be in debt. Vacations are a great money-suck. It's always a good idea to plan around what you can afford to do.

    1. Thank you!

      Yes, I definitely agree with you regarding holidays and the cost of them - we were very much happy to come home with the memories, and no debt. Haha! I think it's important to have your budget in advance, and see what works for you, as opposed to picking your holiday and then gathering the funds.

  3. Wonderful photos with a lovely, soothing seaside atmosphere. <3
    The details you shared are very interesting and may become really useful for us that haven't visited the place... yet.
    Thank you and have a great rest of the week!

    1. Thanks, Sara - I just love to be beside the seaside. It is so soothing, as you say.

      I hope you're having a wonderful week :-)

  4. Brighton is so lovely- my last visit with my daughter we also stated on the seafront and went to the aquarium and Pavillion. I was really surprised how much she loved this bit there's so much detail, she was fascinated. Somehow I always seem to find myself there in winter - one day since must go back in summer! Thanks for linking up with #c7

    1. Oops! #citytripping I mean...

    2. Oops! #citytripping I mean...

    3. There two attractions that are sure to be a hit with children - especially the aquarium! Haha! I imagine it's pretty nippy visiting the coast during winter. You definitely should visit during the spring or summer some time!

  5. Nice idea for a series...I am sure it will be very useful. Brighton is a great place to visit although I've not been as a family...the two times I have been were for hen dos so cultural sights like the Royal Pavilion weren't on the cards. Beautiful building though! #citytripping

    1. Thank you! Haha! Perhaps one day you'll visit as a family :-)

  6. Oh beautiful Brighton! Time to go and visit it again.....

  7. What a lovely and informative post. I don't mention money too much in my blog but it all adds up and is really interesting to read it from this angle. It also brought back many happy memories from when we met and what we did exactly. I hope you can come again and you're always welcome to stay in my (little) house. Thanks for linking up to #MyFavouriteTrip. Polly xx

    1. Thanks, Polly! I know many people don't mention money on their blog; and I totally get why - I wasn't too sure whether to post this or not but it's something I'd like to read about the travels of others and so thought, why not?! Y'know.

      Ahh, thank you, that's too kind! We had such a lovely time. I just got in the printed pictures from our trip today, and I'm hoping to get started on my trip scrapbook this weekend. So many memories!


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