October 28, 2016

Little Loves | Books, Boovs and Halloween Monsters

This past week I finished reading Black Eyed Susans by Julia Heaberlin and also The Wonder by Emma Donoghue. Quite different books in terms of premise, but both of which are titles I'd highly recommend. Black Eyed Susans grips you from the get go and is a real thriller of a read, whereas The Wonder got off to a slow start for me however the overall story was quite a powerful one.

This week I've been reading The Loney by Andrew Michael Hurley. I haven't entirely formed an opinion on it yet.

I've been watching an ITV drama titled The Level - my mum and her partner recommended it to me, and it's the kind of show that throws you a good number of curveballs and messes with your assumptions a lot. My kind of show.

Family wise, we all loved a recent watch of ours: Home. We first watched the animated film a couple of weeks ago now, and Alexander requested to watch it the following weekend also; he loves the flying car and the boovs. The same scene is shared by all three of us as a favourite and that's when boov 'Oh' finds himself uncontrollably dancing, I've linked it here. If you're looking for a film the whole family will enjoy, then I recommend checking Home out.

I know most weeks other bloggers share music here, however I'm not really a music person and so I'm having to be creative with this section... Normally ending up blabbing on about Alexander. Well, this week is no different. Alexander's speech has become so much clearer over the past week or so!

If you're unaware, Alexander has a speech delay and isn't at the same level as other soon to be three year olds. He isn't able to really put together full conversational sentences like some other children his age could, and until very recently a vast majority of his words weren't easily understandable. In the past couple of weeks his pronunciation of words has become a lot clearer, and even other people we interact with regularly have noticed it. Progression!

Alexander and I made Halloween monsters this week. Alexander is very specific in the kinds of crafts he likes, basically just painting. However I pulled this set out that I had in the craft box from last Halloween and he happily listened to instruction putting the monsters together. I think the fact that we had a paint brush to put the glue on things helped!

All the layers because it has been blimmin' cold! There have been days this past week where it genuinely felt like winter, not mid autumn. I bought myself another fleece for some added insulation! A fleece isn't the most fashionable of pieces, but here in the Valleys it is very much a practical piece.

Today (I am writing this Thursday) is my Nan's 74th birthday - she passed away June of last year after a short battle with cancer, and although this is the second birthday without her, it really hasn't gotten any easier. It may sound like I'm ending my Little Loves post on a downer, but that isn't the case. Today we celebrate the years we did get with our Nanny Paddy, and although no longer with us, she will forever be in our hearts.




  1. So sorry to hear about your nan, I agree it doesnt get easier. I hold a lot of guilt about my nan passing, like I should of seen her more, called her often. I always find her birthday really hard. I hope you had a wonderful day celebrating her memory.

    I love the DIY monsters! Lovely news about Alexander's speech :)

    Have a wonderful weekend xx

    1. Thank you - I definitely understand having a little guilt after losing a loved one.

      So happy about Alexander's speech :-)

      We've had a weekend full of colds all round - been making the most of the home time though.

  2. Sorry to hear about your nan, it's lovely that you can celebrate her life and remember her with fond memories. Absolutely love those Halloween monsters, what a fantastic little craft activity. Fantastic news about Alexander's speech, it must be lovely to see and hear that progression. I think I'm going to add Black Eyed Susans to my (ever-growing) TBR. Enjoy your weekend! xx

    1. Thank you!

      We got the Halloween monsters in a kit last Halloween from Hobbycraft but never got round to making them. I feel like this year was more appropriate for it anyway - in terms of ability and listening skills! Yes, so happy about Alexander's speech! I think you'd really enjoy Black Eyed Susans. I shared my full thoughts on the book over on my book blog this weekend, in case you were interested.

      I hope you've had a great weekend!

  3. That's awesome about Alexander's speech - well done him, and you! And I'm so sorry about your nan, but at the same time it's amazing to see that you celebrate her life. I hope you had a lovely day reliving beautiful memories x #LittleLoves

    1. So happy regarding Alexander's speech! Thank you, we did!

      I hope you've had a lovely weekend, and week to come :-)


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