September 27, 2016

Our Weekend | 005

As a way of capturing more of the every day, I'm going to start chronicling how we spend our weekends - they may not be the most exciting posts, as we are very much a homey family, but they'll be posts I'll happily look back on.

Alexander was in a chipper and energetic mood when waking Saturday morning, which made for an eventful and fun filled breakfast time. We had a little mini full English for breakfast - I'd been wanting to have a café fry up for a good few days now, but we're on a bit of a frugal kick at the moment what with Christmas coming up and all, so a home version would do; and it certainly satisfied a craving.

Shortly after breakfast, we got ourselves sorted and ready to go out to town. My sister's birthday is coming up next week and so I wanted to pick up a card and little present for her, and Nathan wanted to take a trip to the pet shop, as usual! I think we spend most of our weekends at the pet shop what with both fish and hamsters now. As with last weekend, my brother joined us on our outing.

Our trip in to town took up a large chunk of our day, returning home a little after noon. I was looking for some kind of autumn / Halloween craft for toddler and I to do during the week, however I wasn't able to find anything, surprisingly. I think we might do some baking as opposed to a craft now anyway.

Nathan had to go back out after we returned home, having forgot something, and so me, Alexander and my brother got ourselves settled with lunch made and consumed. Whilst eating lunch Alexander watched a Thomas the Tank Engine movie, which then inspired him to get making his own Thomas adventure - he put together a track for his own Thomas trains and there was a lot of expressions coming from the living room, 'look out', 'Thomas nooooooo!', and many more.

I say coming from the living room, because whilst Alexander had fun with Uncle Lee in the living room, I was busy tidying up the kitchen. I don't know why, but things seem to mount as the end of the week approaches, and a good old clean was very much needed. When we had returned home from the shopping, I felt very overwhelmed stepping in to the kitchen and decided to get it all sorted as soon as possible, which I did.

An hour or so later, Nathan was back (bearing flowers - nice! ) soon followed by my mum, her partner, and my nephew - standard weekend activity. My nephew had gotten bubbles for himself and Alexander, so the two of them played with Grandad in the garden, whilst me and mum had a good old natter. The kids were having a whale of a time outside, with lots of laughs being had, but especially so when Alexander's jeans fell down!! My nephew tired of the bubbles before Alexander did - because once you start bubbles with Alexander, you'll be there an hour later still blowing bubbles - and so he came in to play with toys a bit sooner than Alexander did. At roughly 4.30, all of them left leaving me, Nathan and Alexander here.

Dinner was soon made, followed by more blowing of bubbles - yep, Alexander loves them that much, and then Alexander and daddy went out into the garden. Nathan wanted to work on his fish tank, he bought some more plants for it whilst out, and Alexander just loves being outdoors. Alexander actually ended up playing with one of the children from next door, racing and rolling around in our garden.

Because of all the fun he was having, Alexander was distraught when the time to get ready for bed rolled around. Once Alexander was prepped for bed, and all tucked up, I decided to have a good old relax in the bath - it had been a bit of a chilly evening what with the backdoor open, and I love a nice warm bath when feeling a bit chilly.

After my bath, Nathan and I spent a little time together watching a couple of vlogs on YouTube that we enjoy watching together, and also had some tea and biscuits. I decided to have an early night, as I was really quite tired, and found myself tucked up in bed just two hours after Alexander, at 9pm.

Surprisingly, we woke to sunshine on Sunday morning, despite a downpour of rain throughout the night. We actually had a late start to our morning, with the three of us heading down to breakfast at close to 9am. No real plans were made for the day, and so the morning, and most of the day really, was just a case of pottering around.

Alexander was keen to play with the new Hot Wheels car we had got him the day before. If your child is into Hot Wheels, be sure to check your local Poundworld and Poundland as we have purchased nearly all of Alexander's cars from there, and it works out a lot cheaper than some other sellers. As well as playing with cars, bubbles and reading featured in our morning too. I also managed to finish my most recent read.

Before lunch we decided to pop to the park for a little bit, as Alexander had asked to go the day before. We knew the bits would be wet at the park, because of the rainy night and early morning, but headed on over anyway, as instances like this I just change Alexander once home from the park. Our local park is less than a two minute walk from our house, so it isn't like he is sitting in it on route home or anything. Nathan and I were discussing the silliness of some kids these days, because a lot of the park had recently been vandalised with graffiti. I also noted that the trees on the surrounding hills are starting to change colour.

By time we reached back home, it was lunch time, and so after getting Alexander changed, I made us some lunch and he asked to watch Paw Patrol. We don't typically watch things during family meal times, but the exception is lunch time as that is often the only time of day that Alexander watches anything. Lunch is just a more casual thing; we don't sit at the table to each lunch. Whilst Alexander watched Paw Patrol, I caught up on the family vlogs of The Michalaks.

Our afternoon was very much one of those that passes in a blur of various activities... Alexander was also a little bit cheeky in the afternoon. At this age, one minute your child can be a complete angel, and the next there's a full blown meltdown over nothing! I spent a little time upstairs in the afternoon, as I'd be experiencing constant sneezing practically all day long which is really aggravating, and I just needed a little time to myself - I opted to read a short story by Roald Dahl. Some cleaning was done in the afternoon, our online food shop was delivered and also we purchased the save the dates and invitations for our wedding.

Dinner time: a chicken roast, because what is a Sunday without a roast dinner?!

We had more mischievous behaviour on our hands in the early evening, but pretend tools were played with, hamsters were observed for a while, reading was done with daddy, and mummy made a dent in her weekly blogging to do list. As 6.30pm rolled around, Alexander was bathed, dressed and put to bed. I noticed his pyjamas are getting too small, so it's likely I'll be swapping those out for the next size up very soon, because he has definitely had another growth spurt!

Mine and Nathan's evening was spent much the same as the previous day, and I continued to make a dent in my blogging to do list - drafting content, scheduling posts, replying to comments, interacting with the community. I love when I have a big chunk of time and can just plough through my list ticking things off.





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