September 19, 2016

Our Weekend | 004

As a way of capturing more of the every day, I'm going to start chronicling how we spend our weekends - they may not be the most exciting posts, as we are very much a homey family, but they'll be posts I'll happily look back on.

Waking up on Saturday morning, we were greeted by a beautifully clear blue sky and the sun shining over the valleys. Nathan had wanted to go down to the canal and with the weather in our favour, that was our plan for the day set.

Whilst getting Alexander changed, we were chatting about what he'd like for breakfast. Requested was an apple, a banana, toast with peanut butter and also porridge. Er... What?! I don't think so little one. Alexander has been a food machine this past week, and I'm thinking perhaps he is having another growth spurt. Sitting down to breakfast he was given porridge with half a banana mixed in and also an apple on the side - all was eaten! Nathan was on breakfast duty today, and whilst we breakfasted I caught up with some things on Twitter. I also received a phone call from my younger brother whilst eating breakfast, and we decided on him joining us on our walk.

After breakfast we got ourselves dressed and ready before heading off to pick my brother up on route to the canal. A portion of the canal path is currently closed, we were already aware of the works, and so we walked a little further than our usual canal spot. The weather was glorious and we ended up being out for a total of three hours. I took the opportunity of us being and about to take some photos for a 'Walk With Me' post that'll be coming up on Wednesday.

Having returned home, lunch was much needed and so was a rest of the legs! Not long after being home, my mum, her partner and also my nephew came round for a visit. Alexander was super excited to see his cousin and had been talking about it a lot of the day - I love that they're both at an age now where they play together nicely and genuinely get on. My nephew is 5 and Alexander is almost 3. We spent this portion of our day both inside and outside in the garden; Nathan was busy working on things for his outdoor fish tank, and we were making the most of the sunshine whilst it's still here.

Late afternoon I spent a little time on my laptop. I transferred all the pictures and videos from my camera on to my external hard drive (it had been a couple of weeks since doing that - oops!), and also put together my 'Walk With Me' post that I mentioned above. I also found myself taking a look at some possible holiday options for next year, and pricing up a few dates. I don't know if we will actually take a holiday next year seen as we are getting married next year and so a lot of money is going towards that, but surprisingly a lot of the availability for the holidays I was looking at was already gone!

Not long after that my leg was aching a bit, from all that walking, and so I decided to have a soak in the bath. Alexander was still up at this time as it was only six, and I normally bath once he is in bed, but I had that little luxury soak whilst Alexander and Nathan had a little daddy-son time. By the time I was all finished, it was actually time for Alexander to go to bed.

Nathan and I finally got to finish watching Paddington on Saturday - a film we started last week with Alexander, but decided to put on hold for us to watch on our own as Alexander didn't seem to into it. We both loved the film! The plot was really interesting, and we loved the comedy involved. There was a lot of laugh out loud moments. I'd recommend!

I was up bright and early Sunday morning, a little after 7, as I'd decided that the day was going to be a reading one for me. Of course I wouldn't be reading all day long, but I was making a more conscious effort to read when the time arose, as lately I've been slacking a little on the book front - especially with my Roald Dahl TBR to get through. I managed to get in a little reading before the rest of the house woke up.

After our long walk the day before, Sunday was most definitely going to be home day. Home days tend to be a variety of activities, and no real rush to do anything.

After breakfast, but before getting dressed and ready for the day, I undertook the task of more photo/video organisation. This time round I was deciding on which photos I want printed off from Christmas last year, as well as our Brighton getaway earlier on this year. I have yet to get prints from either of these occasions, but am wanting to start working on (and hopefully finishing) both of those scrapbooks before the new year rolls round. I've settled on a good number of prints, and the deliberating didn't take nearly as long as I thought it would.

Once dressed, rooms tidied, and both mine and Alexander's teeth brushed, I took to my room in order to get in a little solitary reading time. Leaving Nathan and Alexander downstairs to get on with whatever they wanted to, I headed upstairs with book in hand and got lost in a short story collection of Roald Dahl's.

I love reading - that's no secret - but it is an activity that I find makes me tired very easily, and so at a little after half eleven, I joined the rest of the family back downstairs. Not long thereafter lunch was had, followed by an afternoon of reading books with Alexander as well as playing Play Doh for a good while also. Unfortunately our Play Doh fun was cut a little shorter than we intended, because I broke the rolling pin by accident... And any seasoned Play Doh player knows how important that tool is. We were playing that for close to an hour though, so it's not like it was a short activity. After that activity we pulled out Alexander's pop up tent and tunnel system and had a play with that alongside plastic balls; creating our very own ball pit.

Playing together died down late afternoon, and Alexander was interested in playing on his own, so once again I took to a brief period of reading upstairs. I was up there less than an hour but did manage to complete three of the short stories within my book. I'm not too sure what daddy and Alexander were up to, but when I came downstairs they were both watching a show on Netflix.

Dinner soon needed to be cooked, but before I got cracking with that, I had a little bit of playtime with Alexander. We were talking about how old people were, and that he is two now but will be three very soon. I was talking about getting bigger, and bigger, and bigger, to which Alexander replied 'bigger and stronger'. This made me laugh as it isn't something he has said before, but had definitely taken in me saying it previously. You don't realise how much children are taking in until the words come back out from them at a random time much later on.

We had a good old Sunday roast for dinner, and close to an hour later we had a couple of biscuits each for dessert. Alexander watched a couple of Thomas episodes after dinner, and was playing intermittently with various toys. Nathan continued to watch the Netflix show he had been glued to for most of the day, and I wasted away a little time browsing on Society 6 - once I'm on there it's like getting lost in an abyss.

Sunday is bath night for Alexander (he doesn't have one every day due to skin issues), and honestly, bath times are not a fun thing. Bath or shower, Alexander has a whine and a moan and makes an almighty fuss both in and out of the bath. After his bath, he was tucked up in bed by both mummy and daddy.

My evening ended after watching documentaries on Netflix and getting a bunch of blogging tasks completed... Including writing up this post!




  1. Sunday roast sounds good, but I took my mom for a road trip to find some autumn color, too soon I guess, but we did find a rootbeer stand. Beautiful b&w.

    1. Ah, that's a shame you didn't find any autumn colour yet, but I'm sure the road trip was some enjoyable family time. Thanks for stopping by!


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