September 02, 2016

Little Loves | Sweatshirts, Ghost Stories and a Wedding Ring

Little Loves is a weekly linky hosted by Morgana of Coffee, Work, Sleep, Repeat - the idea behind the Little Loves linky is being able to recall and record the little things that have made your week.

For the month of September I'm going to be having a lot of fun reading a childhood favourite, Roald Dahl - I'll be writing more about this on my book blog over the weekend. Although very much known for his writing of children's fiction, I will also be reading the adult short stories he has written. Along with two of those collections on my bookshelf, I also have a book of ghost stories he has compiled written by other authors - Roald Dahl's Book of Ghost Stories. Ghost stories are some of my favourites to read (The Woman in Black by Susan Hill is one of my all time favourite books), and the selection Roald Dahl curated for this book are proving to be rather chilling.

Sticking with books, whilst speaking of things watched, this week Giovanna Fletcher posted a video sharing her Top Ten Favourite Bedtime Stories to read with her oldest son. I love book recs in any shape or form, but especially recommendations for children's books. A few of the titles mentioned were new to me, but some of them toddler and I greatly enjoy already, including The Dinosaur That Pooped series.

In the way of TV series, I feel like I'm mid way through a bunch of them at the moment! I'm trying to get a few of them finished so I can really get stuck into my Gilmore Girls marathon watch. This past week I've been working on completing Bates Motel, and have just three episodes left - I'm super excited to see how season 3 ends.

Old MacDonald Had a Farm has been on repeat with toddler lately. Last week we borrowed a book from the library that was a twist on the classic nursery rhyme with Old MacDonald having vehicles on his farm that he likes, as opposed to animals that live there, and Alexander loved it! I've tried to find it online to link it, but I've had no luck, which is a shame because we've returned the book and I was going to buy Alexander his own addition as he enjoyed it that much.

I'm not sure if this is technically something 'made', but with the new month rolling in (how is it September already?!!?) I got to thinking about a new layout for my bullet journal. I've been bullet journaling on and off for the past year or so now, with some months where I'm really on it, and others where I don't touch my journal for days. With a few more things on my plate of late, I'm hoping September is the month where I get my stuff together again and get a little more organised, consistently.

There are so many beautiful bullet journals out there, with some very talented and creative people sharing their layouts, however I am not the most creative of people, and bullet journaling for me is very much about having a personalised organisation system... So you won't be seeing me share my journal pages any time soon. Having said that, I'm always happy to admire the spreads of others and I find taking a peek inside bullet journals quite inspiring, which is why I'll be keeping an eye on the new Bullet Journal linky launching this month hosted by Stacie of Parker & Me + Chantal of Milk and Nappies.

I've gone and done it - September 1st hit and I pulled out the jumpers and sweatshirts! I love cosy clothes... I've very much somebody who lives in PJs and lounge clothes at home, and so I'm super excited to start getting all layered and cosy in my 'outdoor' clothes once again. In my defence, the weather was very appropriate for such clothing - it was a crisp clear day, and very much with an autumnal air about it.

We had a really good Bank Holiday weekend (I hope you did too!), and whilst the weather wasn't entirely in our favour over the three days, we did get out and about including running some errands. Errands involving picking up my wedding ring! Nathan and I have been engaged for 5 years this Christmas, and we aren't getting married until August of next year, but having now picked up my ring it feels all the more real... Like this is actually happening, and soon (ish). The only reason we picked up my ring so early is because the preferred choice is set to be discontinued, and so it was best to get it whilst it was there and available. Now let's just I hope I don't put on any finger fat between now and next summer!



  1. Ooh I didn't know you were getting married next year! Exciting :-)

    1. Yeah, August 2017 - we're only having a small simple ceremony. I'm sure the date will roll around in no time!

  2. I've seen a lot of people getting into bullet journaling recently, it sounds like something I'd love so I really must look into it more.
    I'm with you on the clothing front, cosy clothes all the way! Autumn is my favourite time of year and I'm excited for the change in season for sure.
    Have a lovely weekend xx

    1. Bullet journaling is a lot of fun, but also really functional - I'd recommend giving it a try!

      The seasonal shift and arrival of autumn is always wonderful to see, in nature, clothing, even mind set.

      I hope you're having a wonderful weekend :-)

  3. Yes, loving that we are getting nearer to cosy clothes weather! Thanks for the heads up on Giovanna's book recommendations, I love discovering new reads for Parker. I'd absolutely love to see your bullet journal - they are all about function, not prettiness remember! Thank you so much for mentioning our linky - enjoy your weekend xx

    1. Here in Wales the weather is all over the show - one day I need jumpers, the next shorts! It seems that weather is here to stay for a little longer!

      More than welcome; I'm super excited for the new linky. You never know, I maaaaay share my bullet journal on there someday. Haha!

      I hope you're having a wonderful weekend :-)

  4. Thank you so much for mentioning our linky! :) It's lovely to have your support! I am SO obsessed with Gilmore Girls at the moment, I just can't stop watching it xx

    1. More than welcome - I'm super excited to see all the content that is to come on the linky, and wish you the best of luck as hosts!

      Gilmore Girls is one of those comfort shows that just wraps you up in a warmth.


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