August 30, 2016

Our Weekend | 001

As a way of capturing more of the every day, I'm going to start chronicling how we spend our weekends - they may not be the most exciting posts, as we are very much a homey family, but they'll be posts I'll happily look back on.

Our weekend started out with a home day. We spent a good portion of the morning cleaning, a good old deep clean, and then had visitors early in the afternoon - my mum and her partner. For the most part, Nanny and Grandad Lancey visiting is a weekend routine, and something Alexander enjoys. The weather was really rubbish, as tends to be the case with bank holidays, and so the rest of the day was spent at home doing a variety of activities with toddler - Thomas 'Take n Play' trains tend to be the most played with toy at the moment.

Sunday saw the in laws down, with my partner's mum and dad travelling down from Birmingham for the day. Reaching us at about 9ish, Nathan and his dad got straight on the task of filling up the car to take some garden waste to the dump as well as a few other miscellaneous pieces... Three trips and a couple of hours later, the rubbish was gone and the car cleaned out.

We headed on out to a local town to run a couple of errands, stopping off at Debenhams Restaurant for lunch - we've been here a few times now and it's a new favourite spot for us when it comes to eating out. We love how family friendly it is, as well as the reasonable prices and delicious food.

Our plans for Sunday included visiting Caerphilly Castle for their Bank Holiday event, however due to the weather (plenty more rain) and time getting on, we gave the medieval event a miss. I think the castle hosts this event every so often, particularly on bank holidays, and so I'm sure we'll get there another time. The event was running Sunday and Monday, but due to most local buses running every two hours on a Sunday/Bank Holiday, visiting on Monday just wasn't feasible for us non drivers.

I took part in my first ever Twitter chat on Saturday, participating in the #BookClub140 chat. I was a little nervous to begin with, unsure really having never took part in one before, but as the chat progressed I really got into the swing of things and had a lot of fun chatting books.

A relax in the bath with my new products (purchased whilst in town) was the perfect end to the day.

The sun came out - yay! I was starting to think we'd see nothing but rain over the Bank Holiday weekend, and so we made the most of the weather by heading out to a local canal path and park nearby there. Our entire morning, and a little part of the afternoon, was taken up by our outing but happily so! I think everyone had the same idea as us, soaking up the sunshine, as the canal path was a lot busier than usual, however it was still a relaxing and peaceful walk. I also managed to capture some wildlife whilst out, which was nice, I've taken so few photos this summer for some reason.

Following on from our canal walk, we headed to a playground nearby. We don't often get to this park, as it's a little out of the way, but Alexander always has fun whilst there. He was happily interacting with another little boy there, and greatly enjoyed the roundabout. Alexander's current favourite playground activity is the slide, however at our local park we don't have a roundabout, and if we did I think that would probably be up there as a fave, if not close second. We used to venture down to this park a lot more, but now Alexander is walking more and we're using the buggy less, we don't go down that way as often because we're trying to keep buggy use to a minimum... But we did use it on this day.

We all needed a good rest once home, and I maaaaay have taken a cheeky little nap after our linner (lunch/dinner). Once again, Thomas the Tank Engine played a part in our afternoon, and toddler and I ended the evening reading a million and one books.

Once Alexander was tucked up in bed, I spent my time blogging whilst Nathan and I caught up on some of the Disney vlogs we watch (Tom & Sophie are our faves).



  1. I cannot believe how tall Alexander is now!!

    1. You and me both - he had a growth spurt recently; he grew over 2 inches in less than a month!

  2. Spectacular and your little man is growing like a weed.

    1. Thank you, Tom, and that he is, haha! He had a growth spurt recently - he is really shooting up!

  3. Beautiful photos, beautiful child.
    Won't you please link up at


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