August 23, 2016

Changes Coming To Captured By Jade

For a while now I've been wondering exactly what I'm doing here with my blog.

I initially started Captured By Jade as a place to host the pictures I had taken and were proud of, as well as to keep in contact with bloggers I had previously connected with via another blog. This then grew to include features such as my 'Walk With Me' posts, which I had previously shared on my other blog (Bits & Bobs), as well as the start of my 'Photo Series' feature where I curate a selection of seven photos revolving around one theme. I also started dabbling in more personal posts, and sharing outings and adventures.

For a long time, Captured By Jade has been a place for me to hold memories; whether it be memories of a family outing, a new place visited, or just a walk I quite enjoyed. Whilst my blog has been a place to capture memories, I feel like the main emphasis has actually been on photography - even at my amateur level!

It was actually whilst putting the finishing touches upon a scrapbook when all these thoughts came flooding to me. For the most part, I capture the 'fun' things, both online and in scrapbooks and such. And whilst those are the memories I will fondly look back and treasure when old and grey, I would also like to capture the here and now. The every day things. The things that get forgotten as life continues and memories expand.

Although changes are set to come, with a new variety of posts to be shared and an increase in content on a weekly basis, the essence of Captured By Jade is to remain. I know many of readers are here for the photography, and I will still be sharing my pictures in the way that I do now, but there will also be a lot 'mummy' content here on the blog. I am a stay at home mum to a toddler, and so my day to day life is very much oriented around being mum and a parent, so naturally the increased content is going to share a fair bit of that. I know that type of content is going to be for everyone, and that's exactly what this post is for - I wanted to inform my current readers of the change, as opposed to just switching gears with no explanation at all!

I've been blogging within various communities for a good three plus years now, with one full here on Captured By Jade, and I feel like I've now found my footing and know exactly how I hope to proceed from here as well as what I hope to achieve from my little corner of the internet.

I just want to wrap up this post by saying a big thank you to all me readers - thank you!!


  1. It's great to write about whatever you want and I'm looking forward to your new change of direction. I made a change with my blog this year in the direction of travel, as you'll know :-) and I'm much more passionate about my blog as a result. I was sad to see your 'Walk with me' posts go so very happy they've returned, yay! Polly x

    1. Thank you, Polly :-) Writing about what you want to share, and what your passionate about, definitely makes blogging a more fulfilling hobby / activity. I've loved all the travel content you've shared over the past year or so and it has definitely given me wanderlust. Haha! It's great to see you enjoying so many adventures, especially with little one in tow.


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