August 26, 2016

Little Loves | Books, Bubbles and Comfort Food

Little Loves is a weekly linky hosted by Morgana of Coffee, Work, Sleep, Repeat - the idea behind the Little Loves linky is being able to recall and record the little things that have made your week.

This past week I've been taking part in a readathon over on my book blog, and as part of that I picked up Lisa Genova's most recent book, Inside the O'Briens. I only discovered Lisa Genova's books last year, but I've already caught myself up on the four novels she has released. If you're unfamiliar with Lisa Genova's writing, but enjoy books that are powerful reads, those stay with you a lifetime stories, then I'd highly recommend checking out her work. Although, I do feel like most people have read Still Alice by now.

On Thursday I discovered a great online series via BBC iPlayer titled Mission Selfie. The premise of the show is two friends (who are also vloggers) visit a number of different destinations and are assigned a new photography challenge each destination, with them ultimately choosing just one of the shots to sum up the place and the challenge. If you're in to photography, travel, or even just exploring, then I highly recommend checking it out. The episodes are only roughly 15 minutes each - I watched all five in the one day! The Isle of Mull episode, where the focus is on wildlife photography, was definitely my favourite.

Alexander has been picking up on feelings a lot lately, particularly those of people/things around him, not necessarily his own. I love that he is at this stage and is able to be aware of the feelings of those around him, and we have had some funny moments from this learning of his. One particular moment that comes to mind is when he was telling me all about the animal figures we picked up from a recent visit to the botanical gardens; he got three fish - one apparently has a sad face, the other a happy face, and one wants to give kisses! These are in fact just the natural faces of the fishes, and they definitely do look like that. Toddler observations can tend to be equal parts interesting, honest and amusing!

Shepard's pie. I feel like I'm really starting to get into making more comfort foods at the moment. We've had a couple days of glorious sunshine here in Wales this week, but we have also had days where it feels like autumn is right round the corner... And I suppose it is really. I see more hearty meals in the coming weeks, especially with a turn in the weather due. The recipe I've started using to make my pie is an adaptation of the one my mum made us when we were younger, and I definitely feel nostalgic when tucking in. Do you have any childhood recipes that you make now?

I've been making the most of both mine and toddler's summer clothes this week, but I am keen to start wearing some recent A/W buys from H&M.

Alexander learnt to blow bubbles this week, and he couldn't have been happier. Bubbles are one of Alexander's favourite things, we go through so many bottles, but despite his attempts to blow them for quite some time now he hadn't been successful until this Tuesday. The moment itself was so cute, with Alexander surprised at what he had been able to achieve. He happily continued blowing, and catching, bubbles independently for a good twenty minutes or so after! This is just one of the many things Alexander has learned lately - I feel like at this age (he'll be three in November) there is something new with each passing day.

(<----- Please do ignore the state of my house in the picture, thanks!)

I hope you have a wonderful bank holiday weekend!



  1. Yum, Shepard's pie! One of my favourites.. I love autumn purely for meals like this!

    1. Yes - I love comfort food year round, but most definitely best enjoyed during the colder months.

  2. I love Shepherds Pie too, delicious. I'm so looking forward to Autumn and Winter now. My little boy adores bubbles too. I've never read a book by Lisa Genova, must add it to the TBR list! Enjoy your weekend xx #LittleLoves

    1. One of my fave meals! I'm so ready for A/W - especially seen as here in Wales the summer has been all over the show.. Well I suppose it has been for most of the UK. Bubbles are great for keeping little ones entertained. Oh, you must try one of Lisa Genova's books - highly recommend Still Alice, plus the film adaptation is really great too. I hope you have lovely weekend :-)

  3. I am totally getting into comfort foods again now that autumn is on it's way - I am so excited for chilly nights with big plates full of hearty meals! xx #LittleLoves


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