April 06, 2016

Park & Trail Adventure

Having lived where we do for close to three years now, it's pretty interesting how we're still discovering hidden gems on our own doorstep. Whilst enjoying the blue skies and sunshine that sporadically appears, a trip to the park was followed by a wander in the woodlands that are situated up a little hill just behind the park. When the weather is nice this is a place we often visit, but instead of walking the usual trails, we decided to explore a trail we had yet to traverse. Whilst I love all the adventures we have, there's just something about unexpected adventures that make the day all the more lovely.

The area in which we were exploring had a transition of terrains with some areas more tame than others. The walk itself wasn't particularly strenuous - Alexander (my son) managed just fine with only a stumble or two, but I find that to be the case even for myself in a rocky area. We're keen to return to the trail, especially seen as we did cut the trail short for a couple of reasons.

Our surroundings on the walk lead Alexander to keep talking about dinosaurs. We couldn't pinpoint specifically what reminded him of dinosaurs, but there was a lot of dinosaur chatter going on!

If you're interested in more pictures from the day, I have shared a 'Walk With Me' post from this adventure.



  1. Lovely photos, and Alexander is just so adorable!!

  2. life is full of hidden gems, we only need to find them

  3. Its funny how we think we have seen as much as we can from one area, and then drive down another road and discover something more! We are currently doing that very thing in Bundaberg - we thought we had seen a lot of the area, and yet we are finding more and more to see/explore.
    Great pictures from your Park Trail Adventure - thanks for sharing :)

    1. That's the wonderful thing about anywhere really - there is always something to see or do if only you are viewing the place with a fresh pair of eyes.

      I hope you're enjoying your explorations!

  4. A beautiful walk amongst nature. Wonderful that you have so many fantastic places to explore near you. It's lovely to see Alexander's face again. He is such a chubby faced cutie, same as mine :) Hope we can meet up next month! Gorgeous photos. Thanks for joining in with #MyFavouriteTrip Polly x

    1. Yes - we're very lucky to have so much beautiful nature surrounding us; there's no shortage of things to explore.

      Haha! That he is!! I hope we're able to meet up too - I'm looking forward to the change of scenery; we're coming mid May, but I'll connect with you a little closer to the time.

      Thanks for hosting :-)


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