March 03, 2016

Snapshots | February 2016

Read | I've been giving audiobooks a try since the start of the year, and I'm currently listening to Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell - I've wanted to read this book for a while but given its chunky size I just couldn't commit in physical format; I'm really enjoying in audiobook.
Watched | Twinsters; a documentary on Netflix. I'd highly recommend checking it out.
Photographed | I had a lot of fun photographing the wildlife around Caerphilly Castle.
Enjoyed | As I mentioned above, we headed to Caerphilly Castle in February and had a great time wandering around the perimeter. I captured some of my favourite photos of the year thus far.  
Discovered | I'd always been vaguely familiar of the Isles of Scilly but I didn't know too much about them. After reading this post you could say I was intrigued by their beauty and did a little online research - the Isles of Scilly have now been added to my travel bucket list.
Blogged | After my brief hiatus at the end of last year, I feel like February was the month I well and truly got back into the swing of things here on Captured By Jade. I shared fourteen posts in total, with seven of those being my latest photo series in which I highlighted pops of green during the wintertime.
Planned | Meals - I've really been trying to get back in to meal planning of late. The trouble I have sometimes is that I'm very much a mood eater, and so typically I don't know what I fancy until the day itself, but meal planning has come in handy in many ways and definitely helps when it comes to grocery budgeting.

Discovered | (Rediscovered) my love of GAP jeans!

Wondered | Being a parent a lot of heed is put in to instincts, and lately I'd been wondering if Alexander - my son - was ready to progress from his toddler bed with a side attachment, to just the toddler bed. You could say we took the side off on a whim, but instinct told me it was the right thing to do. It's been over a week now and we have yet to have any incidents from this progression - happily so!

Inspired | Recently a blogging friend, Polly over at Our Seaside Baby, started a new linky - #MyFavouriteTrip. I've participated a couple of times myself, but always make sure to check the links each week because the idea behind the linky, as well as the content linked up, has really inspired me in terms of travelling, especially with a child, and taught me to think outside the box when it comes to trips.

Explored | For a while now I've been exploring the idea of learning Welsh, and teaching myself. Some of you may already know that I live in Wales, however we only settled down here almost 3 years ago now. Knowing Welsh isn't an essential for living here, however I think having a grasp of the basics would be an advantage. I haven't learnt a language in over 10 years, and I'm still forever grappling with the names of some towns here, so learning Welsh will be challenge, but it's good to challenge yourself every now and again.


  1. It's always so lovely to hear what you've been up to Jade! I've never tried audio books but really should as I enjoy listening to Radio 4 dramas - well I did a few years ago that is. How do you listen to them with Alexander? I looked into visiting the Isles of Scilly once some years ago when I was in Cornwall but never got round to it. It does sound amazing. It's good to hear you are back in the swing of things again and postings lots. I go through phases with blogging. I'm rubbish at meal planning. I'm the same, a typical mood eater. So much of parenting is about instincts I think. I didn't read anything about potty training & didn't want to rush my cheeky one and he picked it up in a day when he was ready. I can imagine Alexander snug in his bed. Thanks so much for the #MyFavouriteTrip mention. It really has been inspiring for me and it's so nice to hear you feel the same. Reading all of the posts have made me feel more confident about taking my little one abroad and I think I had forgotten how much is out there, near and far, and how adaptable kids are. Good luck with learning Welsh! Definitely good to challenge yourself every so often. Look forward to reading how you get on. Happy Mother's Day :) xx

    1. Ah, thanks Polly!

      I've wanted to give audiobooks a go for a while, but struggled with fitting them in and making them work for me. I wake up anywhere between 30 minutes - 1 hour before Alexander gets up, and so I tend to sit down with a cuppa and listen to my audiobook then. The calm before the storm...

      Ah, that's great that your little one picked up potty training so well! I think it's important to just go with the flow, and let them do them, which sounds like the approach you're taking with parenting in many respects. 100% - so much of parenting relies on instincts.

      Happy to have spoke about your linky - I've really been enjoying it! Although I don't share every week, I'm there reading!! I totally agree with everything you say you've garnered from the posts so far, especially regarding children being adaptable.

      Thank you - I hope you had a wonderful Mother's Day! :-)

  2. Hello, what a great post. I enjoyed reading what you have been up to. I love the shot of the ducks and geese. I am so happy your son is doing well with his toddler bed. I hope you had a happy Mother's day! Happy Monday, enjoy your new week!

    1. Ah, thank you for your lovely comment, Eileen. I hope you're having a wonderful week!!

  3. A lovely post, Jade!
    I can relate to many of the things you write... except I could never learn Welsh. :)
    It does sound fascinating and I'm sure you will enjoy learning it.
    Have a lovely week! xx

    1. Thank you, Sara.

      Haha - who knows if I can learn Welsh yet?! The book and audio set I'm currently using tells me it is a relatively easy language to learn - I beg to differ!!

      I hope you're having a wonderful week!

  4. Lovely photo... of the Geese, Ducks and moss growing on the tree. You have a lot on your plate... nevermind learning a new language. ;-)


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