October 02, 2015

Snapshots | September 2015

Read | In Darkling Wood by Emma Carroll - Although a middle grade book, In Darkling Wood is a lovely cosy read and I always enjoy Emma Carroll's stories.

Watched | Film wise I've watched both Horns and Into The Woods. When it comes to TV shows I tend to just watch things on Netflix as we don't own a TV, but I have been checking ITV's online player recently because I just love the dramas and such that they put out this time of year. Also, being in the UK, the latest, and final (boo!) season of Downton Abbey has started.

Photographed | The seasonal shift... I've a series of seven photos coming up next week - one a day - showing a few signs of autumn's arrival here in the Valleys.

Enjoyed | Into The Woods - I loved this film! I'd been wanting to watch it since it's cinema release and finally got round to it this month. It's probably my favourite film seen this year. I may have even downloaded the soundtrack...
Discovered | Lake Louise in Canada is just beautiful and has been added to my travel bucket list. If you're wondering what sold Lake Louise to me then you can check out these blog posts - 1 + 2 - or this playlist of videos by Ben Brown.

Blogged | I've shared a fair few pictures this month with a variety of weather elements on display but two favourites of mine are 011 + 013. September also marked the introduction of my Walk With Me posts here on Captured By Jade.

Planned | Is it terrible to admit I've already been looking in to potential plans for next year's holiday.... In May.

Explored | The idea of where exactly I'm going with my blog. Originally it was just a place to share individual photos but since starting in the summer it has already evolved to more than I could have thought. I'm looking forward to expanding on all the ideas filling my mind!

Wondered | How my little boy has seemingly changed to just that overnight - a little boy. My son will be two in November, but during September he has definitely lost his 'baby' look.
How did September treat you?


  1. Lovely reds! September has been a great month with plenty of sunshine.

    1. It's been hit and miss here with the sunshine, although we did have a lovely last few days.

  2. Ah love your little update and the fact that you are writing more on this blog :) I really enjoy your 'walk with me' posts and also seeing all of your wonderful photography. Crazy how quickly little ones grow isn't it! My little boy can count to 20 now! :)
    Our Seaside Baby

    1. I was hesitant to post more writing on this blog, as my focus is photography, but like I mentioned in the post I've been refining more where I'm going with Captured By Jade and so writing will feature a little more in various ways.

      Thank you, Polly. I really enjoy the 'Walk With Me' posts as I think it's fun to see what others do on a daily basis, explore the more local areas.

      Wow, he is growing so fast!!


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