September 20, 2015

Wordy Wrap Up | 013 + 014

This week's pictures featured a fair bit of yellow and green... I think I'm subconsciously holding on to the last grasps of summer with these two pictures because autumn is very much settling in here in the Valleys.

013 | This is one of my absolute favourite pictures I took during the summer season - the colours are just beautiful and the overall combination is vivid, vibrant and screams summer to me. Also, one of my favourite things about sharing my photos online is learning the names for flowers and trees and anything nature related from those in the comments, because it isn't always easy to find those things out yourself.

014 | Another summer favourite - I don't know, yellow is just summer's colour for me... Anyone else? The focus on the bloom and the blurring of the background really make this photo come together. I do have one gripe about this one, and it's the framing. Often times I'm out taking pictures with my toddler son and I don't get more than one shot!

What have you captured recently?

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