September 13, 2015

Wordy Wrap Up | 011 + 012

This week on Captured By Jade I shared two pictures featuring raindrops. Whilst the weather has picked up here in the Welsh Valleys, for a good week or so we had a lot of rainy days. I often find rain hard to capture, but raindrops I quite enjoy.

 011 | There is so much I like about this picture - in fact it's probably my favourite rain strewn picture I've ever taken. The way in which the raindrops are varied from bud to bud, as well as the varying stages of life in the buds also appeals to me. Also if you look closely you can see the beginning works of a spider web forming.

 012 | Again, another favourite raindrop picture of mine. Instantly you notice the drops themselves, they almost don't look natural; the way they cling around the leaves edges also pleases me. The colours of red and green, subdued almost, really bring this image together I think.

Alongside my individuals pictures this week I also shared the first in a new series here on Captured By Jade - Walk With Me | September Edition #1.

What have you captured recently?

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