August 20, 2015

My August Photo | Week Two - Birmingham Photo Diary week I'll be sharing four posts as part of My August Photo hosted by Polly.

So far this week I've shared a general round up of pictures from our trip to Birmingham as well as some pictures from an outing to the Sea Life Centre. Today I'm going to be sharing a number of pictures taken whilst at Dudley Zoo.

I know there is some controversy about visiting zoo's and things of that nature - I respect the opinions of those whether opposing or not, and I think visiting such attractions is an each to their own situation. All the animals at Dudley Zoo were well treated and the zoo does a lot to support its animals as well as conserving a number of different species.

This was the first time we took the little one to the zoo and I feel like perhaps he would have had a better experience if he was a tad older (our son is currently 21 months). Overall though we did enjoy our time at Dudley Zoo and I think we would visit again given the opportunity.

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  1. Wow, you have captured so many different animals in these shots! There is such a diverse range of animals, it's difficult choosing my favourite. I love the very last shot of the close up of the giraffe and all the detail in his face. Likewise the colours of the peacock amongst the grass is stunning. There is something special about the photo of the turtles together too. All amazing photos. This looks like such a fun day out. There are some zoos I wouldn't go too because of the size of their enclosures and I do think a lot of them could improve the space they give to animals. I agree with the age. We took toddler to an animal park for his second birthday. It was a lot of fun but he looked at each animal for about 5-10 seconds then was off! It will be so fun to take them when they're older and can appreciate the animals a bit more. Thanks for linking up #MyAugustPhoto :)
    Our Seaside Baby

  2. Thank you! I almost didn't include the picture of the giraffe as I'm not fully happy with the lighting in it but I wanted to share as many animals as possible! I think my favourite is a tie between the flamingos and the peacock - I like the colour in both of them.

    Haha! Yes, I'd definitely take the little one again when he is a bit older. The aquarium went down better than the zoo, but that's most likely because of all the colour and such.


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