August 19, 2015

My August Photo | Week Two - Birmingham Photo Diary week I'll be sharing four posts as part of My August Photo hosted by Polly.

Yesterday I shared the first post in my Birmingham Photo Diary with a round up of pictures taken during the entirety of our four day break. The remaining three posts in the series will be focused on a given attraction. Today I'm sharing some pictures taken during our outing to the Sea Life Centre. We really enjoyed all that the centre had to offer, however it was hard to have a proper look at everything with the place being quite crowded - that's only natural on a weekend and during the summer holidays really though.

I would definitely take the little one to an aquarium again as he loved the colours as well seeing everything swimming about. My favourite part of the Sea Life Centre was the ocean tunnel.

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  1. Ah I love Sea Life Centres, so much to see and do and a treat on the senses. This one looks similar to the Brighton one although there aren't any penguins here! Great that you have captured so many different species. I can imagine your little one loving it, mine did too. Thanks for linking up :)
    Our Seaside Baby

    1. I had never been to a Sea Life Centre until a few years ago, and Brighton was my first. I really enjoyed Brighton's aquarium and I would say the two are quite similar.

      Yes! Our little one did enjoy the Sea Life Centre, I'd been wanting to take him to one since I saw your post about how much your little one enjoyed it! Haha!


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