August 10, 2015

My August Photo | Week One

Today I'm going to be sharing the pictures taken on the first full week of participating in My August Photo. If you'd like to know a little more about the My August Photo linky then head over to Our Seaside Baby. If you're already familiar with the linky and would like to know how exactly I'm participating then be sure to check out my first My August Photo post.

I've really enjoyed taking part in My August Photo so far and it has really helped me to remember bringing my camera with me wherever I go... Although I have forgotten it, and regretted it, a couple of times. Lastly to remark on the week of pictures below - it seems to be very green themed. That comes with living in the Welsh valleys, but I would like to try and inject a little colour next week. We shall see. Anyway, enough rambles, on to the seven pictures.

| Monday 3rd - Wild berries |

| Tuesday 4th - Rainy days; we've had many of these this week |

| Wednesday 5th - A view from the play park |
| Thursday 6th - I spied a butterfly in the garden |
| Friday 7th - A little birdy on a branch |
| Saturday 8th - Exploring one of our favourite secluded spots |

| Sunday 9th - No photo today unfortunately. I battle with severe hayfever daily and on Sunday it just got the better of me |

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  1. Lovely photos Jade. My favourite has to be the second photo, the rain drops on the grass. It's such a simple thing but what you have captured there is beautiful. That would make another great canvas :) Thanks very much for linking up to #MyAugustPhoto. Looking forward to seeing what you have next week. Hope the hayfever gets better x
    Our Seaside Baby

    1. It's my favourite too, Polly! Like you, I love the simplicity of it.

      Ah, thank you. I'm not sure why but my hayfever has been quite a struggle this year for some reason!

  2. Lovely photos, glad the sun made it out for the last one

    1. Thank you! Me too, it was a good way to end the week!


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