August 31, 2015

My August Photo | Week Four the month of August I'm taking part in the linky My August Photo hosted by Polly.

Today marks the last post for the My August Photo linky. I've thoroughly enjoyed linking up to host Polly's website and perhaps she'll roll the linky out in following years too because summer is the perfect time to get snapping with your camera. Today I have five photos to share from the past week - so not quite daily, but almost!

| Monday 24th - I honestly probably have far too many pictures of this little house in the hills, but I just love how it looks nestled in to the landscape |

| Tuesday 25th - I went out for some night shooting with my camera... Turns out it isn't the best in low lighting situations, but it did take a pretty amazing close up picture of the moon that I'll be sharing as an individual picture in weeks to come |
| Wednesday 26th - This is Milly, she's the neighbours cat. You'd think she lives in our house though because you'll typically find her in our garden. If she isn't lazing on the grass in the sun, then she's stalking along the fence and finds a perfect perching spot. It doesn't look all that comfy to me... But I'm not a cat |
| Thursday 27th - You know the drill by now... It rained, and it rained, and it rained some more |
| Friday 28th - This picture was technically taken on Thursday night, but I wanted to share it all the same. I did mention above that I have another moon picture to share as an individual photo in the coming weeks, but I wanted to include at least one moon picture in this post as I've been trying to take more photos in hours other than daytime |

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