July 05, 2015

Wordy Wrap Up | 001 + 002

Originally I was just going to publish my photos on this blog; however my partner suggested to me that alongside the pictures themselves that I share a few words about them too. Instead of adding these words on to my picture posts - I thought it could take away from what is being shown - I'll be sharing my thoughts on a Sunday.

001 | Being the first image shared here on Captured By Jade, I wanted it to represent me and the type of photography I enjoy the most. I love the outdoors and greenery, especially this time of year. The landscape is full of colour but there is still contrast in it - for example in this picture, the contrast between the fresh leaves and its host the branches.
002 | I stumbled across a sea of Bluebells when out photographing in early June. Bluebells are very much dying off now but that's what caught my eye - the freshness of the green grass against the wilting Bluebells. I will have to return back to this area next spring in the hopes of capturing the flowers at peak.

What have you captured recently?

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