November 06, 2017

The Everyday | October


SUNDAY 1ST | Colouring with Alexander
MONDAY 2ND | Walking + the sound of crunchy fallen leaves blowing in the breeze
TUESDAY 3RD | An evening that included Chinese food and re-watching Rear Window
WEDNESDAY 4TH | My bookshelves up & organised
THURSDAY 5TH | Starting our day with a walk along the canal
FRIDAY 6TH | Getting out and about with my camera
SATURDAY 7TH | Various snippets of conversation with Alexander throughout the day
SUNDAY 8TH | A power walk
MONDAY 9TH | That quiet time I get to myself before Alexander wakes up - enjoying a cup of tea in bed whilst watching it get light outside
TUESDAY 10TH | Views from the kitchen window on a blustery day
WEDNESDAY 11TH | Working independently on blog graphics using Adobe Photoshop - something Nathan has been teaching me
THURSDAY 12TH | Looking forward to Nathan having a few days off
FRIDAY 13TH | House progress, including us having a wardrobe - yay!
SATURDAY 14TH | Spending time with Nathan
SUNDAY 15TH | An evening of relaxation
MONDAY 16TH | Thankful we were all safe & well after our area taking a fierce battering from a storm
TUESDAY 17TH | Picking up a favourite reread of mine
WEDNESDAY 18TH | A productive day
THURSDAY 19TH | House progress + meaningful chats
FRIDAY 20TH | Seeing family and spending time with loved ones
SATURDAY 21ST | Reading in the evening
SUNDAY 22ND | It was nice to have spent the weekend just the three of us
MONDAY 23RD | An evening of nothingness; much needed what with all the house projects going on
TUESDAY 24TH | We finally have a working cooker + a positive parent-teacher consultation at Alexander's school
WEDNESDAY 25TH | Some lovely conversations with Alexander
THURSDAY 26TH | Morning library visit
FRIDAY 27TH | Sunshine & blue skies + marks the start of half term beginning and all three of us will be home for it
SATURDAY 28TH | Spending quality time together in the evening
SUNDAY 29TH | We made good headway with the living room transformation
MONDAY 30TH | Lovely morning light
TUESDAY 31ST | A super speedy garden transformation complete - by way of contractors; still work for us to do on this

A happy November to you all!

October 26, 2017

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October 18, 2017

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October 11, 2017

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